The Lighting & Homes for Tomorrow (LHFT) competition presents manufacturers the opportunity to distinguish their products and services from other connected home devices and platforms in the market. To realize the CEE Integrated Home vision, Lighting & Homes for Tomorrow is designed to help drive the adoption of efficient, connected products that demonstrate interoperability, reliability, and simplicity. In 2020, the competition addresses residential connected lighting, connected plug load controls, connected HVAC and thermostats, connected windows and window attachments, and other connected home devices that successfully deliver a positive consumer experience, energy management, and grid benefits. 

Competition Timeline

Earn Recognition for Your Company’s Innovation Gain exposure for your brands and connected products among industry stakeholders and consumers alike. Lighting & Homes for Tomorrow rewards market leadership in the advancement of the Integrated Home vision. Award winners receive credible third-party promotion for one year and are the best positioned to receive utility endorsement and incentives. All entrants receive critical insights and direction on how to meet utility needs moving forward. 


Products will be evaluated as part of a two-step process: screening by the LHFT Steering Committee and an in-person evaluation by a panel of expert judges. Only the most promising entries will proceed to the in-person judging. The diverse Judging Panel will include individuals with expertise in usability, interoperability, the connected home, IDSM program administration, product/system installation, specific technology performance, and sales. The Judging Panel will score entries according to the following criteria: 

  • Energy Savings 
  • Functionality 
  • Interoperability 
  • Reliability 
  • Simplicity: Value Proposition 
  • Simplicity: Installation, Set Up, and Use 
  • Data Sharing 
  • Quality (Appearance & Style as applicable) 
  • Value for Price 
  • Innovation in Design / Form Factor 
  • Innovation in Engineering 
  • Future Proofing 
  • Cybersecurity 

In addition to the above criteria, the Judging Panel may reward entries that exhibit other desirable characteristics such as resiliency, accessible design, and field serviceability. All entrants will receive constructive feedback from either the LHFT Steering Committee after the screening process, or from the expert Judging Panel following the conclusion of the in-person evaluation.