CD Awards 2023

The Connected Design 2023 Design & Architecture in Smart Home Awards

Connected Design is proud to announce the 2023 Connected Design Awards. The Connected Design Awards is an opportunity for companies to submit products worthy of recognition. Here are the 15 most popular products chosen by the Connected Design team, PLUS our 4 Editor Picks. Thank you for being a part of the Connected Design 2023 Awards, and CONGRATULATIONS to our winners!

1. Sony HT-A7000 7.1.2ch
Dolby Atmos Soundbar

Retail Price: $1,399.99

The Sony HT-A7000 7.1.2ch Dolby Atmos Soundbar features Vertical Surround Engine, S-Force Pro Front Surround, and 360 Spatial Sound Mapping. The 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology with rear speakers creates multiple phantom speakers. Sound Field Optimization calibrates the HT-A7000 to your room environment to provide the best sound. With an integrated UI, home theater system settings automatically appear on the BRAVIA Quick Settings menu for easy control of sound modes, sound field, and volume.

2. Samsung 98-inch
Class QN990C 8K TV

The Samsung 98-inch Class Neo QLED 8K TV (QN990C)  utilizes an AI-based formula to automatically upscale content to 8K resolution, delivering deep blacks, accurate mid-tones, and crisp whites without any trace of blooming, thanks to its illuminating peak brightness and HDR support. The QN990C has multiple speakers, including top-firing drivers that enable a true Dolby cinematic surround sound that appears to come from all directions – without the need for an external soundbar. The Samsung 8K AI depth enhancer precisely boosts lighting around the objects that viewers’ eyes gravitate to while dimming lighting elsewhere.

3. Samsung HW-Q990C Soundbar

Retail Price: $1,899.99

The Samsung HW-Q990C soundbar has 11 front-facing speakers, one subwoofer, and four up-firing speakers with Dolby Atmos built directly into the soundbar,  delivering a seamless surround sound experience that can fill the room with audio from all angles. When paired with Samsung TVs, the Q990C can also seamlessly synchronize its speakers with the TV’s neural processor chips to enable Q-Symphony 3.0 technology, allowing the soundbar and TV to operate as one.

4. DoorBird D11001KV IP Video Door Station

Retail Price: Starting at $1,212.88

The DoorBird Video Door Station includes a keypad and a surface-mount option. It also features two-way audio and a 4D motion sensor.  

5. Samsung 85”-inch Class The Terrace 4K TV

Retail Price: $19,999

The Terrace is part of the Samsung line of smart 4K TVs designed for permanent outdoor installation. New this year is an 85-inch Class model, which includes a panel upgrade to Neo QLED and new features like enhanced weatherproofing (IP56), meaning that it’s ideal for installation in unshaded environments. The Terrace also newly includes the Samsung SolarCell Remote, which uses a solar panel for convenient charging. The Terrace offers a full Smart TV experience powered by the Tizen OS.

6. Sony STR-AZ1000ES Premium ES 7.2 Channel 8K A/V Receiver

Retail Price: $1,099.99

The STR-AZ1000ES delivers cinema-like surround sound and crystal-clear music reproduction with powerful 100m watt amplification. Enjoy the latest HDMI technology supporting 8K & 4K/120 video sources. Equipped with four 8K HDMI inputs and two outputs, the STR-AZ1000ES can deliver the most stunning picture quality and amazing clarity. With support for Dolby Atmos®, Dolby Speaker Virtualization, DTS: X, and DTS Virtual: X, the STR-AZ1000ES delivers a truly elevated object-based surround-sound experience.


Retail Price: $3,499.99

The Google TV is powered by a Cognitive Processor XR, with a QD-OLED screen enhanced by XR Triluminos Max technology. Color performance is enhanced with up to 200 percent, as much color brightness as a conventional OLED TV. Individually lit pixels produce pure black, so movies, shows, and games burst to life on screen with extraordinary detail and depth. With the flexible and configurable Eco Dashboard, energy-saving settings can now be centrally managed and customized.

8. Nice HR40 Remote Control 

Retail Price: $1,200.00

The Nice HR40 Remote Control enables users to answer video doorbells, view surveillance cameras, and communicate with other interfaces using an intercom with a 3.1-inch high-resolution touchscreen. The Nice HR40 provides integrators with an easy-to-use, dedicated, handheld remote control that, with wireless configuration, can effortlessly integrate into any new Nice Home Management or existing, legacy ELAN Control System for extended management of smart home elements.

9. Somfy Sonesse 30 PoE Motor

Retail Price: Varies

For building owners seeking a solution to reduce operational costs, the networking feature of PoE allows network cables to carry electrical DC power and IP data connectivity over an existing data connection with a single Cat5e/Cat6 ethernet cable. The Sonesse 30 PoE motor is UL listed, has a Type 2 802.3 at (30W) power requirement, and comes equipped with a single CAT5E SFTP pigtail. The standardized new interior head by Somfy has a smaller light gap (and an interchangeable recessed plate to maintain this smaller light gap) and interchangeable motor head colors (white, black, and grey).

10. Savant Smart Network

Retail Price: $120.00 annually for each access point

The Savant Smart Network (SSN) leverages an exclusive partnership with Juniper Networks, delivering an AI-driven networking ecosystem as the foundation of a seamless smart home experience. Paired with a Savant Smart Networking Subscription, each Savant Smart Network utilizes Juniper’s Mist Cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science techniques to optimize user experiences in real-time. A direct integration with Juniper’s Mist AI allows Savant integrators exceptional visibility into the user experience through customizable Service Level Expectation (SLE) metrics, now accessible in Savant Central Management.

11. Savant Power Storage 20

Retail Price: Starting at $19,500

Savant Power Storage is a foundational and scalable smart home technology that consists of an integrated inverter and LFP battery software that offers optimized power source management, high-performance energy storage, and flexible load management that can be tailored to meet the needs of any client. Savant Power Storage is scalable and can be designed as a standalone solution, part of a complete Savant Power System, and part of a larger smart home project. Savant has created the only integrated whole-home and energy automation solution a single app can control.

12. Kaleidescape Terra Prime Solid-State Movie Server – 31 TB

Retail Price: $24,995 MSRP

The new Kaleidescape Terra Prime Solid-State Movie Server – 31 TB uses a modern system on a chip architecture combined with data center class solid state drives and a 2.5 Gbps Ethernet interface that is robust and performant. Kaleidescape Terra Prime Solid-State Movie Server – 31 TB servers can download a Kaleidescape fidelity 4K movie at up to 2 Gbps in as little as 4 minutes, with properly configured 2.5 Gbps capable networking, hardware, and ISP.  All rear IO connections remain the same for easy swap-out upgrades. Intelligent internal temperature control keeps electronics and high-performance Solid-State Drives cool for longevity while operating near silence.  

13. Crestron Horizon Keypads and Dimmers

Retail Price: Starting at $350.00

The next-generation Horizon keypads and dimmers are available in the six most popular configurations, from single-button options up to five buttons in a single gang arrangement. Advanced color control offers visual cues from a distance, making keypads another intuitive interface in the home. Combined, the configuration and color control can further elevate the homeowner experience. Take, for example, a “Security” button that can illuminate red when activated and green when the system is off, allowing homeowners to visualize the status of their system at a glance.

14. Leon Speakers FrameBar 44UX / Powered FrameBar

Retail Price: Starting at $3,080

Meticulously engineered and handcrafted with 4-inch ultra-thin, audiophile-grade woofers and 1-inch silk-dome tweeters, the Powered Framebar and FrameBar 44UX each boast enhanced sound capabilities without sacrificing the clean, elegant look of the original FrameBar. Like all FrameBar products, they are built to match the exact width and finish options of Samsung’s The Frame TV—providing a unified, modern look to complement the Frame’s artistic style.

15. Masonite M-Pwr Smart Doors

Retail Price: Starting at $6,500

The Masonite M-Pwr Smart Doors utilize patent-pending, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certified technology to connect to a home’s electrical system and wireless internet network, ensuring reliable “always-on” smart technology and lighting. Plus, an emergency backup battery can sustain system power for up to 24 hours when fully charged, even during power outages. With the M-Pwr smartphone app, homeowners can remotely program and control motion-activated LED lighting, receive alerts when the door is opened or closed, and confirm its status at any time.

Editor's Choice

1. Sony STRAZ5000ES Premium ES 13.2 CH 8K A/V Receiver 

Retail Price: $3,299.99

With 150 watts, the STR-AZ7000ES delivers cinema-like surround sound and crystal-clear music reproduction with powerful amplification. Enjoy the latest HDMI technology supporting 8K & 4K/120 video sources. Experience the most stunning picture quality with four 8K HDMI inputs and two outputs. With support for Dolby Atmos®, Dolby Speaker Virtualization, DTS: X®, DTS Virtual: X, and DTS: X Pro, the STR-AZ7000ES delivers a truly elevated object-based surround-sound experience. 

2. D-Tools Cloud

Retail Price: Starting at $99 per user, monthly

D-Tools Cloud is an invaluable tool for home technology professionals and system integrators. It provides a streamlined project workflow, making it easy to manage the entire sales process and deliver projects on time. The powerful platform is a multi-OS, web-based SaaS solution accessible from any web-enabled device. D-Tools Cloud enables integrators to manage service requests and assign and schedule field technicians to perform service calls. Field service management tools can also provide technicians with all the information they need to complete the service, and time can be tracked against any related Service Plans and managed through the D-Tools Cloud application.

3. Hunter Douglas Aura Illuminated Shades

Retail Price: Starting at $1,536 MSRP

The Aura Illuminated Shades is a three-in-one architectural and decorative shade that allows homeowners to merge natural and artificial lighting control. Aura Illuminated Shades features a beautiful, textured front shade, a room-darkening liner, and ambient illumination. Aura’s innovative design incorporates fully programmable LED strips that are transparent when not in use and provide mood-enhancing illumination when lit, recreating the same soft-light-magic translucent window coverings have in the daylight. With Aura shades, homeowners can enjoy daylight on demand and gain complete control of their rooms’ ambiance – inviting a warm glow on a gloomy day or extending their daylight through energizing illumination. 

4. B350 WiFi6 Access Point

Retail Price: $1,460.00

Access Networks ensures optimal connectivity, control, and performance of every smart device installed on patios, decks, and other exterior spaces via an advanced enterprise-grade Wi-Fi access point purpose-built for outdoor applications. The B350 withstands the elements, temperature swings from -20 to 55 degrees Celsius, and supports Wi-Fi 6, today’s fastest, most efficient wireless communications protocol. The B350 supports as many as 512 devices, so integrators and end-users can freely add new products to the outdoor network and maintain connectivity speed, coverage, and reliability. The B350 Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Point has a flat mounting bracket that firmly attaches the device to any exterior surface.