3D Cloud by Marxent, a leader in 3D e-commerce for furniture and home improvement, has partnered with Herman Miller and Design Within Reach (DWR) to introduce 3D product configurators on their North American retail websites. The configurators, powered by 3D Cloud by Marxent, allow consumers to visually customize products like the Aeron Chair, Sayl Gaming Chair, and Embody Chair in 360-degree 3D. These tools offer complete creative control without requiring catalog knowledge, enhancing the interactive shopping experience. After a successful launch in the contract space, the configurators are now available online, with plans to introduce augmented reality (AR) capabilities in the coming weeks, providing an even more immersive shopping experience.

Beck Besecker, CEO and Co-Founder of 3D Cloud by Marxent, praised the scalability of their approach, emphasizing the ability to efficiently deliver customized configurations to the right audiences at scale. The configurators empower customers, designers, and trade professionals to co-create their ideal pieces, offering self-service customization options and interactivity in both home and in-store settings. The collaboration aims to redefine modern shopping, providing easy-to-use tools that bring unique spaces to life without requiring extensive catalog knowledge.