Everyone needs a place to escape to, whether it’s after a long commute or just winding down after a busy day. The bathroom is becoming this space for homeowners, but it is about much more than just a spa-like aesthetic. Clients want to fully relax and rejuvenate and leave the bathroom feeling stronger and healthier. This is where smart tech comes into play. 

Lighting for Waking Up and Winding Down

With smart human-centric lighting control, it is possible to create an ideal environment every time the homeowner enters the bathroom. No one wants to turn on glaring lights for a middle-of-the-night trip – instead, motion sensors can activate soft, under cabinet lighting. Then in the morning, the lighting can mimic the sunrise – gradually brightening to match the homeowner’s circadian rhythm and helping to awaken them. At night, the lighting can similarly be dimmed for a more peaceful atmosphere. Combined with smart shades, the natural cycles of the day can empower a homeowner to sleep better at night and be more alert when they awaken. All of this can be controllable – and easily adjustable – with smart integrated lighting. 

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The Power of the Senses

The lighting doesn’t have to be just a classic warm white. Chromatherapy uses different colors – particularly in the shower – to help alter a user’s mindset or theoretically improve overall health. The color blue is associated with peace and its cool tone is thought to lower blood pressure and ease tension and anxiety. Warmer colors, such as red or orange, are meant to stimulate the body to awaken, provide inspiration or energize. 

Sight is not the only avenue to wellness therapy in the bathroom. Aromatherapy is gradually making its way into the bath space and can be used in the shower similarly to chromatherapy. Scents like lavender are known as a natural remedy for pain and can help relieve stress and insomnia. Peppermint is used to fight respiratory issues, headaches and digestive discomfort, while lemongrass is known to ease nerve pain and muscle aches.

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Not Your Ordinary Shower

Smart showers enable users to personalize the shower experience, from programming different massaging shower heads to picking a favorite pressure and temperature. They can also enable the shower to have steam capabilities, which is one of the greatest health benefits a shower can offer. Using only on average two gallons of water, steam showers improve circulation, fight off colds, relieve stiffness and joint pain and boost the metabolism. Combined with the power of smart technology to make the experience seamless, steam showers turn your average shower into a healthful retreat.