Located in Harding Township, New Jersey, a neighbor to Morristown in the County of Morris, a majestic residence sits at the foot of a cul de sac, overlooking a stunning valley. The township is “home to industrialists, politicians and Fortune 500 executives” and has long been considered one of New Jersey’s most exclusive areas,” according to the NY Times. This is not hard to imagine when you gaze upon this home, which is not only the main residence for a couple and their teenage children, but also hosts extended family who visits often from India. 

It was here that the homeowner eventually welcomed Electronic Concepts of New York’s (ECNY) principal and an HTA certified integrator, Paul Bochner, albeit way late into the construction. Bochner’s name was mentioned to client at a recent visit to the Savant Experience Center. He had inquired about a lighting control system, but conversation soon led to the discovery that the homeowner was a hi-fi aficionado, and Bochner’s name eased its way into the exchange

It was unfortunate that the home’s walls had been completely buttoned up by the time Bochner became involved, leading to a massive challenge in the wiring department. However, it led to in-depth conversations between Bochner and the client, which reaped many rewards. And in the end, Bochner not only tackled the lighting debacle inside but enlisted the help of lighting experts Coastal Source to truly illuminate the luxurious home on its surface. 

Delivering the Proper Solutions

Upon listening to the client, Bochner elaborated, he realized that their wishlist went far beyond lighting. In fact, what he truly wanted was whole-home automation, AV distribution, CCTV, home theater, landscape lighting, shading and more. 

The main problem for ECNY was being late to the party. Unfortunately, after the client purchased hundreds of thousands of dollars in light fixtures for the home, the wiring was insufficient. Specifically, the home was configured for 0-10v fixtures, but was not wired or connected properly.  

Bochner and his team worked closely with Lutron to cleverly hide local 0-10v devices throughout the expanse of the 18,000-sq.-ft. home.  

“This is the quintessential case of needing an integrator while you were initiating the design,” Bochner sighed. “There was no qualified professional guiding or managing the expectations of the client. And this client had very high technical expectations.” 

The ECNY team came in like a band of superheroes, saving the clients from spending unnecessary time and much more money.  

“The client wanted to best of everything, and we were able to deliver a really high-end product while managing his expectations,” Bochner relayed. 

Bochner is especially proud of the home theater. In the room, approximately 70×30, ECNY installed a 10.4.2 Atmos system with NAD Electronics; a Display Technologies 218” Diagonal top/bottom masking screen, which was paired with the client’s existing projector; B&W speakers; and Kaleidescape video system, all of which is controlled by Savant with IP video. The theater also features Cineak seating and Lutron lighting. 

Being an audiophile, the client also was provided B&W in-ceiling speakers throughout the home, specifically Diamond in-ceiling speakers in the common areas. There is even a listening room housing speakers from French manufacturer Devialet. 

The other piece of the project that has heads turning is the landscape lighting. He partnered with and relied heavily upon the expertise at Coastal Source for the entire outdoor lighting system. The two companies worked hand in hand—Bochner with a landscape plan and Coastal Source with an impeccable design to spotlight each plant, tree and bush on the property.  

“When we turned everything on the first night, the client looked on and said ‘I want 60 more,’” Bochner noted. “The tip here was to listen to the customer to understand his needs and what fit his tastes and design.” 

Contact Info 

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Photography by Paul Bochner