Purchasing new kitchen appliances can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to refrigerators. The fridge is the central piece in the kitchen, allowing all other appliances to perform at their maximum capabilities. When the time comes to start shopping for smart appliances, check out the Samsung Bespoke refrigerator range. Bespoke carries a unique customizable french door refrigerator that has a wide range of features.

Design with Inspiration

Unlike any other refrigerator on the market, The Bespoke Fridge can change over time with you thanks to the interchangeable door panels. Maybe you remodeled your kitchen and the colors or material of your fridge no longer match; you can simply switch the panels instead of buying a new fridge. They have steel and glass finishes available in 12 different shades. You can even mix and match different colored panels on your door and freezer drawer. Since it changes with you and your changing decor tastes, this effectively lengthens the product’s lifecycle. Samsung’s online design studio allows you to test different panels in a mock kitchen, so you can visualize your creation. 

Smart and Connected 

This is, after all, a smart fridge and some of the many smart features include energy efficiency, an internal camera, wi-fi connection, and Samsung’s Family Hub. The camera checks on what food you have low in stock. The wi-fi connection lets you connect the refrigerator to your phone and alerts you to what food you need to restock or change the temperature or monitor the energy use remotely. The family hub is located on one of the doors so you can see inside the fridge, edit your grocery list, find recipes, and much more.  

A fridge is always a priority when outfitting your kitchen and quality is key. Smart refrigerators can be costly, but the Samsung Bespoke range is surprisingly affordable. Considering the variety of features and the level of customization, it’s worth the cost and more. If kitchen décor, flexibility, and smart technology are important to you, then this is the fridge to choose.