When approached to create a complete integrated AV solution for a four story, 8,500 sq.-ft. home sitting on the water in Hilton Head, S.C., the team at Advanced Integrated Controls (AIC) was ready to take on the challenge. The luxury residence was being completely renovated was to include Lutron Sivoia QS and Palladium automated shades, Lutron Homeworks QS lighting control system, Elan premium control system, dedicated home theater, home office, and most importantly, a robust network.  

The home had antiquated wiring, so the first step was to spend hours in the home’s crawl space pulling Category 6 cable and conduit. The updated wiring would support one of the most important facets of the technology makeover: a fast, reliable, Wi-Fi network that would cover the entire estate. 

Creating a Strong Network

A Strong Backbone  

Although the residence was a secondary home for holidays, vacations and weekends, it still needed to have a top-of-the-line network. As the CEO of a large company, the homeowner always needs to have access throughout the estate. Needless to say, a well-connected Wi-Fi-enabled home was a priority not only in the office but around the entire home.  

With over 100 installed devices statically assigned on the network, a solid handoff was a necessity. Lights, thermostat, motorized shading and distributed audio system are dependent on the Wi-Fi network. Curtis Hubner, owner of Advanced Integrated Controls, immediately decided on Access Network as the backbone of the entire installation.  

“Any time we automate on a large scale like this in a situation that’s more like commercial than residential we go with products from Access Networks,” said Hubner. “They understand the flexibility and the needs of the AV industry.” 

As multiple Wi-Fi enabled remote controls are used throughout the home, an Access Networks solution was installed comprising of a C120 Wireless Controller, six A650 Wi-Fi 6 access points and a managed 76-gigabit switch. This solution effortlessly juggled buffer-free video conferencing (even when moving throughout the home) and seamless streaming of 4K content. Now the commands issued via buttons through Elan remote controls, smartphone app, wall-mounted touchscreen or voice reach devices—even those located rooms away— act quickly, reliably and seamlessly. 

A Beautiful Workspace 

The home office was Hubner’s favorite room to integrate. A stunning workspace overlooking the water with high ceilings, the install was designed to distract from the beauty of the space or the waterfront view.  The office included a 65-in. Sony OLED TV utilized not only for entertainment, but also as a monitor for virtual meetings and to show real-time footage from the outdoor security system. Hidden from view are subwoofers along with in-ceiling speakers, automated shades and lighting control. One of the first rooms to be completed, the sound quality blew the homeowners away. Initially not wanting large subwoofers in every room, the couple changed their mind and requested the subwoofers be included throughout the home.  

Creating a Strong Network

Above & Beyond Customization 

A unique feature in the master suite is the 65” Sony television on a cabinet with a Nexus 21 Automated Lift System. The homeowner wanted the TV out of sight when not in use and requested the 24-in. cabinet from the interior designer be used. This left the integrators at AIC with some dilemmas to work through. First, the television was 33 inches tall while the cabinet was only 24 inches.  Second the Nexus Lift System was too large to fit the space allotted. Because the home was being completely renovated the team at AIC were able to come up with a solution that not only looked amazing but also allowed for additional audio equipment (including a subwoofer) to be installed.  

The team cut out a section of the floor under the area the cabinet would be placed and recessed into the subfloor. Then they created a weatherproof enclosure for the lift system, television, and audio equipment. The end result was a seamless hidden TV system that is easily accessible by the integrators.

Creating a Strong Network
Creating a Strong Network

Project Details

Technology Integrator: 
Advanced Integrated Controls
Curtis Hubner, Owner
Bluffton, SC, N.C. 27604
(843) 836-5700

Equipment List: 
Lutron Homeworks QS Lighting Control System 
Lutron Sivoia QS and Palladium Automated Shades 
Nexus L-75s 
Elan EL-SC-300 Main Processor 
Elan EL-ITP-8-WH (1) 
Elan gMV1616 Audio Matrix 
Parasound Amplifiers 
Apple TV 4K- 32GB (2) 
Elan HDRE 
Xantech 1m HDMI 
Elan HR10 (2) 
1M Stereo/Audio Ruby  
Omnimount RE27 
Panamax M4315-PRO 
Wattbox WB-100-RSW-8 
Panamax MB1500 
Luxel LX-ABR-5000 
Access Networks C120 
Luxel LX-XMS-5248p 
Access Networks A610 Core 
Elan EL-TSTAT-8820 (3) 
Sony XBR65X950G (1) 
Sony XBR43X800H (1) 
Strong SM-CS-ART2-L 
Strong SM-F-L 
Structured Media Run (1) Quad Shield RG 6 (3) Category 6 (2) 
WAP Wiring- Structured (1) Cat6 (WAP Location)  (2) 
TS7 Wiring (Elan Touch panel Wiring (2) Cat6) 
TVBU507 (2) 
Lutron HQRD-6ND-WH 
Lutron Sivoia QS Automated Shades