Photo above: Virtual lighting system demo, shown with evening view and daytime view, 360-degree view, and more

COGENT360 has announced its new name and website, as it rebrands and expands its virtual and experiential marketing capabilities for CE manufacturers, buying groups, retailers, integration companies and other markets.  

Formerly Training Allies, Cogent360 has developed advanced media design capabilities, including VR, 3D modeling, and ultrarealistic 360° virtual experiences that allow viewers to explore, interact, learn, make purchases, and more.

As demand for virtual technologies and capabilities has increased, Cogent360, which provides instructional design, advanced media design (including 3D and VR), technical writing and scripting, and virtual learning, has developed essential tools and services over the last several years. Its focuses include VR design, creating ultra-realistic, interactive, immersive environments, including virtual showrooms and experience centers that enable manufacturers and dealers to showcase products such as smart home controls, programmable lighting, appliance options, motorized screens, and audio systems. 

“The possibilities with a dynamic virtual showroom are limitless, as you can provide a highly engaging and immersive ‘customer journey’ to anyone, anywhere. You can now bring your showroom to them and illustrate a wide array of key features and benefits, and even simulate system capabilities to excite customers with jaw-dropping features that can easily grow your project,” said Dave Chace, founder of Cogent360.