As the world of technology continues to evolve, so do the possibilities for integrating smart home solutions seamlessly into everyday life.  

Recently, Advanced Integrated Systems (AIS) undertook a project in Pleasant View, Utah, that combined smart home technology with comfort and design. AIS Project Owner Ben Walbridge led a collaborative effort with RW Custom Homes and interior designer Misty Harris in delivering a home that truly enhances the lives of its occupants. 

A Vision on the Frontier

The clients had a clear vision of their dream home, seeking a comprehensive technology overhaul for ultimate comfort, convenience, and entertainment. They wished to integrate lighting control, whole-home audio, motorized shades, distributed audio and video, a home theater, landscape lighting, and a reliable security system. 

All these elements connect through a single, user-friendly ELAN control system. 

The kitchen area of the home looks into the main living space, opening the room for light. Photo courtesy of AIS.

“The project encompassed the entire house, and we integrated motorized shades, lighting control with Lutron, and speakers in all rooms, including the kitchen, dining room, great room, and the home theater,” said Carson Morby, Sales Manager at AIS. “A particularly interesting spot is the downstairs area, which functions as a multi-use room. It has a dedicated theater space and an adjoining game room with a big sectional and another TV. There’s even a small kitchenette-like area downstairs.”  

The main level’s great room showcases a stunning flush mount Sony TV encased in a custom wood frame doubling as artwork and entertainment. Sonance Invisible speakers and a low-profile Monitor Audio in-wall subwoofer deliver high-quality sound in keeping with the room’s aesthetic beauty. The home’s lighting and shades are easily controlled through Lutron switches on the walls and the ELAN app, enabling effortless customization and mood setting throughout the day. 

The modern style of the main room is inviting with multiple lounge chairs, sofas, and other seating options that offer nice views of the scenery outside as well as the television. Photo courtesy of AIS.

One standout feature of the project is the enterprise network, powered by Ubiquiti equipment, providing seamless Wi-Fi coverage throughout the house and high-speed internet connectivity. Data wiring to applicable devices ensures optimal performance for all the family’s needs. 

“We aimed to bring everything under ELAN’s control system. The Lutron switches, and lighting control were all programmed into ELAN. This included climate control, lighting, shades, audio zones, and video distribution,” said Morby. “All rooms in the house could be controlled from touch panels, remotes, or the app, making it a seamless and integrated system.” 


Security was paramount for the homeowners, and the home boasts interior and exterior surveillance cameras, also integrated into the ELAN system. A 2GIG full security/alarm system adds peace of mind and provides comprehensive protection. 

A Western Theater Come to Life

The theater room presented a significant challenge for AIS, as it was part of a large multi-use space in the basement. To address this, they installed high-quality motorized shades to control natural lighting. Additionally, the clients collaborated with interior designer Misty Harris and artist Carlos Eduardo Fuenmayor to dedicate space in the theater for custom movie art, making the room both functional and aesthetically captivating. 

“One unique feature in the house is the artwork,” said Morby. “The client discovered Venezuelan artist Carlos Eduardo Fuenmayor, while on vacation in Miami, who painted movie characters on the walls, giving the room a distinct and artistic touch.” 

The theater room’s versatility is a significant aspect of the project, with the addition of booth-style tables at the back, allowing the family to enjoy meals and snacks while watching movies or doing puzzles. Merging the aesthetics and functionality of the room further, the theater comes with state-of-the-art chairs with specialized lighting that provides comfort and style.

Octane Seating chairs illuminate under the feet of audience members as they are treated to an immersive visual experience that provides comfort and style. Photo courtesy of AIS.

“The chairs are from Octane Seating, and they come with the unique feature of lights underneath them,” said Morby. “We were impressed with the design and functionality of these seats, and they are now our recommended brand for luxury theater seating. They offer excellent features and quality at a more affordable price point compared to other luxury seating options.” 

Sonance speakers and JL Audio subwoofers ensure top-notch sound distribution throughout the theater, making every seat a prime spot for a captivating movie, show, or video game experience

Advanced sound systems, comfortable seating options, and state-of-the-art displays grant viewers in this home theater a truly immersive viewing experience. Photo courtesy of AIS.

Technology Meets Modern Living

The collaboration between AIS, RW Custom Homes, and Misty Harris resulted in a technological marvel that catered to the lifestyle and preferences of the homeowners. The successful integration of cutting-edge technology, sophisticated design, and functional space use created a truly connected home, delivering an experience that surpassed expectations. 

As the smart home industry continues to evolve, projects such as this serve as a testament to the endless possibilities of integrating technology with design, making the home a true oasis of comfort, convenience, and entertainment. 

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Product List 

ELAN System Controller 

Sonance Invisible Speakers 

Sonance Visual Performance In-Ceiling Speakers 

DoorBird Door Station 

Yale Door Locks 

Lutron Sunnata Keypads, Switches, Dimmers, and Repeaters 

Ubiquiti Network Switches, router, and accent points 

Sony 5000 Projector 

Yamaha AV Receiver 

Sony Blu-Ray Player  

JL Subwoofers 

Panamax Power Conditioner