Smart home innovator Allterco Robotics US, makers of the Shelly smart home products, and Home Assistant, an open source home automation platform, have announced a partnership that will seamlessly integrate all Shelly products. Home Assistant is the 10th largest open source project in the world today and the largest smart home specific open source project. By offering new native integration with Shelly, Home Assistant will be able to automatically detect and add any Shelly products which the user has installed. This seamless process enables user to configure the products however they would like for ultimate flexibility. For more information click HERE.

Consumers have a lot of choice when it comes to smart home technology today. As they continue to seek out smart home innovations that deliver both comfort and convenience, many are looking for proven solutions that can easily be incorporated into their existing smart home platform. Home Assistant is a veteran in the space having been in business for seven years. The company’s latest release of its popular smart home automation platform goes beyond compatibility with Shelly products and delivers true integration for a seamless customer experience.

“We are excited to work together with Shelly given our mutual focus on local control and privacy. Shelly products will now be integrated into Home Assistant locally and are able to function without the user having to share their data with the cloud or – even better – requiring their smart home to be connected to the Internet,” noted Paulus Schoutsen, Founder, Home Assistant. 

Home Assistant users can now easily incorporate Shelly products into their smart home environment. Instead of deploying complex configurations and add on programs, Home Assistant will automatically detect Shelly devices and add them to Integrations. Currently, Shelly relays, lights (including those with dimming), sensors, and roller controllers are supported with more to be released in the coming months.

“In addition to our focus on delivering high-quality products, ensuring a positive user experience is a top priority for our team,” said Svetlin Todorov, CEO of Allterco Robotics US. “By partnering with Home Assistant, we can provide users with a seamless integration experience as they build out their smart home environment. As we continue to expand in the US market, we are committed to working with the best in the industry to provide the greatest level of compatibility and flexibility for our customers.”

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