DISH has announced the release of the Amazon Prime Video app on the Hopper 3 platform, expanding its streaming content options on the DVR system. Amazon Prime complements the existing DISH experience by allowing customers to stream their favorite Amazon Originals from the same platform as their DISH TV programming.

“Amazon Prime Video on Hopper gives our customers the most seamless way to access the content they already know and love,” said Brian Neylon, group president of DISH TV, in the announcement statement. “Rather than switching between inputs, devices or even remotes to watch Prime Video, our customers get the convenience of having all of their programming in one place, providing more value to the Hopper 3 experience.”

To access the Prime Video app, users can say, “Launch Prime Video” into the DISH voice remote, or launch the experience via the guide on Channel 301.

“We’re committed to providing customers with the best viewing experience possible, and that means giving them even more ways to watch Prime Video,” said Andrew Bennett, director of worldwide business development for Amazon Prime Video. “With Prime Video now available on Hopper 3, we are making it easy for even more DISH customers to immediately start enjoying their favorite TV shows and movies on Prime Video.”

Prime Video is available to all Hopper 3 customers and is accessible via the app menu or DISH voice remote. Amazon’s 4K content is also available to Hopper 3 customers with a 4K TV. Amazon Prime joins DISH’s catalog of integrated video streaming options, including Netflix, YouTube and YouTube Kids.

The whole-home Hopper platform features a host of DVR features and functionality. Hopper 3 offers 16 tuners, two TB of DVR storage, live and on-demand 4K compatibility, PrimeTime Anytime, AutoHop and integrated apps like Netflix, YouTube, YouTube Kids, Pandora and Amazon Prime Video. Voice-control capabilities through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and the DISH voice remote give customers easier access to their favorite programming. Further, every generation of Hopper gives customers access to live, on-demand and recorded content on DISH’s online streaming app, DISH Anywhere. And the Hopper platform becomes a whole-home solution, with the company’s line of Joey client receivers.