A recent visit to LG’s Experience Design Center in Napa brought together design experts, builders, technology integrators and many more to review the company’s comprehensive product profile within the Signature Kitchen Series.

The Signature Kitchen Suite (SKS) features high-performance appliances that deliver culinary precision–the intersection of technology, art and culinary innovation.

The product line caters to a target audience LG refers to as: Technicureans,–a blend of the words technology and epicurean, meaning “a new generation of forward-thinking home chefs who combine their passion for food with their appreciation for innovation.”

“LG coined the term ‘Technicurean’ as our specific customer, someone who loves technology, and also someone who loves to cook,” said a representative from the company. 

“The luxury market has welcomed a new customer to the forefront of luxury. Seventy-two percent of affluent people believe the definition of luxury is not the same as it was five years ago. [The affluent demographic] does not want wealth to be their defining factor; they value functionality and performance, instead of prestige. 

“Our manifesto is that Signature Kitchen suite embraces a new generation of forward-thinking cooks, combining their passion for food and their appreciation for innovation. We are bringing them science with leading-edge technology that provides more flexibility to prepare food in the best possible way, demonstrating respect for the food at every level. Delivering performance, decision, design and precision. We honor the ones who are producing it, the ones preparing it and most of all the ones lucky enough to enjoy it.”

LG stressed, particularly toward its audience of builders, that it is a LEED-certified organization, one of the top environmentally sustainable companies. The company prides itself on being on top of today’s home trends, placing ergonomics as a valuable priority

A highlight of the company’s most prestigious offerings follows.

LG ThinQ

LG’s ThinQ app allows you to register your appliances for a connected experience. User can control their appliances using a smartphone, commanding them to start a load of dirty clothes, check your home’s air quality, turn up or down the thermostat, make a fresh batch of ice for the party, or vacuum the floors. 

LG’s smart appliances also work with virtual assistants like Google Home, powered by the Google Assistant, as well as Alexa. Simple voice commands can be used to activate appliances hands-free from anywhereT he free LG ThinQ app is available for Android or iOS. 

CordZeroThinQ A9 Kompressor+

With its fully-automated dust removal system, the charging station makes emptying the CordZeroThinQ A9 Kompressor+ painless and more hygienic. When the vaccum is docked, the contents of the dustbin container are automatically sucked into the charging station and collected in an attached dust bag. When the emptying process is complete, the vacuum cleaner continues to recharge while docked in the charging station.

The 2-in-1 Combination Tool, Crevice Tool and Pet Nozzle can be stored inside the multi-functional stand. Settings on the charging station can be adjusted with the touch display. The charging station also includes a switch to initiate the dustbin cleaning mode manually.

With its interchangeable nozzles, LG CordZeroThinQ A9 Kompressor+ can transition from a vacuum to mop and back again in little time. The Power Carpet Nozzle removes dust from carpets and the Power Mop attachment targets hard floors. It features one-touch controls, two quick-change battery packs and removable washable filters.

Sabbath Function

The Jewish Sabbath days require that no fans, lights, icons, digits, displays or tones are activated on electronics. Appliance manufacturers began installing Sabbath mode so Orthodox Jews can avoid the lights and sounds of appliances and use the oven without having to interact with the electrical system to turn it on. 

All current LG Range models and its 48-inch wide French-Door refrigerator feature the Sabbath mode function. When the SABBATH mode is activated, the oven does not turn off until the SABBATH mode is deactivated. When Sabbath mode is enabled, the appliance can be used being powered on or turned off. The main function of Sabbath mode is to prohibit the operator from accidentally using certain features during holy periods.

Pro Ranges

Signature Kitchen Suite is not complete without the flagship 48-inch dual-fuel pro range equipped with induction, gas, and the industry’s first built-in water bath sous vide functionality on the cooking surface. Additional features include an 18-inch steam oven below.

Sous Vide

The Air Sous Vide mode in LG’s ranges, like the 48-inch Duel-Fuel Pro mentioned above, cooks food in vacuum-sealed bags with precise low temperature and controlled airflow. The vacuum-sealed foods are able to lock in flavor and aroma without water baths or countertop appliances. LG Air Sous Vide can maintain any temperature between 100 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit (38 to 96 degrees Celsius) for up to 48 hours without water to deliver consistent results.

Wine Column

For wine lovers, LG’s wine refrigerators include the 18-inch built-in wine column and the 24-inch dual zone undercounter model. Both refrigerators feature Wine Cave™ Technology, which provides a cave-like environment for precise preservation and helps protect wine collections from vibration, light and variations in temperature and humidity.


Signature Kitchen Suite’s column refrigerators as well as the 24-inch undercounter convertible refrigerator/freezer drawers feature six modes – pantry, fridge, bar, seafood, meat, and freezer.

The 48-inch wide French-Door refrigerator, features a 24-inch convertible drawer, which offers a wide temperature range of -21 to 5 degrees Celsius (-6 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit). It provides storage settings, including Chilled Wine, Fridge/Deli, Beverage, Freezer, Meats and Seafood. LG’s Lift and Go drawers and fully-adjustable door bins are also included. 


The Built-in French Door model, available in stainless steel and panel-ready options, incorporates the Signature Fit™ Integrated Design, which allows for proud – with the front set forward – or flush installation with the surrounding cabinetry.  

This model is ENERGY STAR certified for its conservative usage of electricity and also employs lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) R600A Iso-Butane refrigerant to reduce environmental impact.

Additional features include Dual Ice Maker with Craft Ice™, LED lighting, a built-in water dispenser with filtration, easy-to-read digital controls, adaptive defrost and special modes, including Ice Plus and Sabbath Mode.

WashTower Compact

In the laundry category, LG’s WashTower Compact is a fully integrated two-in-one that combines a separate washer and dryer, all-in-one control panel and advanced AI in a single, space-efficient unit.

Ideal for a guest house or one- to two-member household, the WashTower prides itself on space efficiency. Compared to the larger WashTower, released in 2019, width and depth have been reduced by 100 and 170 millimeters, respectively, while its washer offers a 13 kilogram capacity and its dryer, a 10 kilogram capacity. The product’s lower height has been cut down by 235 millimeters accommodates installation in rooms with lower ceilings.

Located on the front of the appliance in between the washer and dryer, the Center Control is where users manage all settings and functions. Additionally, with Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive™ (AI DD™), the washer is able to identify the most suitable washing pattern (drum motions, water temperature and wash cycle time) for each load. Add to that, the Smart Pairing™ feature, which syncs the dryer with the washer and automatically selects the best drying cycle based on washer load settings. The LG WashTower Compact also features TurboWash 360 and drying a Prepare to Dry preheating feature.