GoQAV, based out of Centennial, Colo., is known for creating smart home environments where people celebrate life together. They take a customer-centric approach to the design and integration of smart technology in the home or at work. To help explain the experience to potential clients, GoQAV has an award-winning showroom that provides homeowners and the design-build community professionals with a view of what design-focused technology solutions are all about in today’s smart home. 

The Experience Center, which received an award for Best Showroom Install of the Year from Leon Speakers, is often referred to as “Tony Stark’s Colorado Hideout,” or “Jason Bourne’s Hidden Getaway.”  There is specifically a room called, “Hidden Tech,” that stands out to clients and is completely controlled by Josh.ai. The hydro-dipped subwoofer grills are featured in this room to match the area rug’s design. Marilyn Monroe’s artwork on the wall is an Ente Sound Tile by Leon Speakers. Sonance speakers in the ceiling with aperture-matched trim provide another design-focused element. 

Connected Design spoke with Tyson Rabani, CEO & Founder of QAV, to find out more about this space.

What was your goal in building this experience center? 

Rabani: “My goal in creating the showroom was to provide an unforgettable experience that showcases the possibilities and experiences that are possible with some imagination and the expertise of the GoQAV team. We travel the world for industry trade shows as a company, and we are exposed to the latest technology trends. Still, it’s important to remember that most often, our clients and design-build partners have not had the same experience. This understanding served as the foundation for everything we brought to life in our experience center, showcasing the range of products and services we offer in a format that is highly representative of both our personality and our design language.”

What were you most challenged by? 

Rabani: “We faced many challenges along the way, but finding and purchasing the building was the greatest challenge of them all. Factors such as timing, availability, and price played a significant role.”

What do clients find fascinating about this space? 

Rabani: “People that visit the GoQAV Experience Center are in awe of the level of design-focused technology applied throughout. When you enter, you are presented with a high-end luxury kitchen. This is not expected when visiting your local technology partner. The visitor has a level of curiosity, and we are excited to show them all the fascinating features we’ve put together.”

What is your favorite part of this room? 

Rabani: “My favorite part of our Hidden Technology room is that it represents the ultimate expression of design-focused technology. We took great care and attention to detail to ensure we preserved the architecture and interior design during the design process. The technology isn’t pronounced. You can’t even see most of the technology in this room. And you have to look very close for the rest. People love this. It gives them assurance knowing GoQAV will work hard to preserve the design integrity of their home, and the technology won’t interfere with the architecture. And that’s pretty neat.”