MSE Audio, parent company of seven leading commercial and residential loudspeaker brands, is pleased to announce the extension of our existing distribution with Apex-Tech. The new territories to be covered by Apex-Tech International are Spain, Portugal, and France with Apex-Tech UK remaining for UK and Ireland. Apex-Tech supplies integrators with outstanding home cinema and audio solutions that feature MSE Audio’s dARTS, PhaseTech, and SolidDrive invisible speakers.

“Having represented the MSE Audio brands in the UK for some years, Apex-Tech is very excited to extend this cooperation into new European territories. The extremely high performance and value are key beliefs shared by both Apex-Tech and MSE Audio and we believe that the real secret is that MSE Audio delivers an extremely repeatable level of performance which is ideally suited to integrators delivering a whole package to their customers,” said Neil Davidson, Managing Director of Apex-Tech UK (pictured). “This guarantee of performance frees the integrator to focus on the rest of the client experience in the sure knowledge that the audio system will deliver spine tingling performance each and every time.”


“We are delighted to partner with Apex-Tech in Spain, Portugal, and France,” said Ken Hecht, Vice President. “The integrators they work with appreciate the value of the curated audio bundles we offer. Home cinema demand is strong in Europe, and we believe they are the right partner to help integrators easily fulfill their clients’ entertainment dream with the precision acoustic entertainment delivered by a dARTS digital theater and PhaseTech’s award winning on-wall, in-wall and box solutions.” 

The expanded European territory will be managed by Oliver Dedek, sales manager for Apex-Tech International, with a focus on making it simple for integrators to purchase a complete cinema for their clients.