Engineered as the ultimate signal-extending solution for professional A/V installers, AudioControl BLX-1K provides superior analog audio-over-Ethernet performance up to 1000-feet

AudioControl has introduced the BLX-1K bi-directional signal extender that sends and receives a fully-balanced, analog audio signal up to 1000-feet over standard Ethernet cable. Professional A/V installers often encounter projects that require long cable runs, and the BLX-1K has been engineered as a premium solution to efficiently address these challenges.

“A/V professionals look to AudioControl for innovative solutions that enhance system performance while improving overall efficiency on the jobsite,” explained Chris Kane, VP of Sales & Marketing at AudioControl. “The BLX-1K delivers superb audio quality over long runs, overcoming a critical challenge for installers while retaining the exceptional clarity and detail customers demand.”   

Highest Quality Solution for Long A/V Runs

Manufactured to the highest standards by AudioControl, the BLX-1K provides professional A/V installers with a premium, bi-directional signal-extending solution that is ideal for projects with considerable distance between devices. Designed to be used in pairs at both ends of the signal path, each BLX-1K contains a 2-channel receive stage as well as a 2-channel transmit stage, enabling content to travel in both directions across a span of Ethernet cable. The BLX-1K comes equipped with an external power supply for easy connection and ultra-quiet performance. Delivering a stout output of nearly 8-Volts RMS, the BLX-1K rejects noise, providing a pure, crystal-clear audio signal over long Ethernet runs—the ultimate problem-solver for A/V installers.  

The AudioControl BLX-1K is now shipping to dealers.