On October 4, AVPro Edge introduced the model AC-DANTE-AMP-2CH, a 2-channel amplifier with decoding for Dante and AES67 audio formats up to 96kHz. The Dante 2-channel amp is engineered to be a problem-solver for integrators, combining high performance with the flexibility of a compact form factor that can be mounted nearly anywhere. Utilizing a category cable for Dante audio input, this versatile solution was designed to power local loudspeakers in any zone, accommodate two Dante plug-and-play audio flows, and provide an analog line output for additional audio distribution as needed—all from a single Dante endpoint.

“This is a high-performance, Dante decoder/amplifier solution from AVPro Edge that delivers key features and versatility from a slim chassis,” explained Matt Murray, CTO at AVPro Edge, in a press release. “Now integrators can send audio to any location on the network without having to worry about signal attenuation or timing, perfect for any zone that has only been prewired with category cable.”

The AC-DANTE-AMP-2CH amplifier from the front. Image courtesy of AVPro Edge.
The AC-DANTE-AMP-2CH amplifier from the back. Image courtesy of AVPro Edge.

The Dante 2-channel amplifier from AVPro Edge has been engineered for easy, localized installation, eliminating the need for an equipment rack at each remote location. This audio-only endpoint is the ultimate solution for integrators seeking to utilize either a new or existing network as a platform for distributed audio. Featuring a mini-OLED screen and adjustment potentiometers for localized control of volume, muting, volume lock, and balance adjustments, integrators can also utilize an API compatible with popular control systems to manage adjustments externally.

Because the Dante 2-channel amp is a plug-and-play solution that can be auto-discovered by a Dante controller anywhere on the network, it is ideally suited for temporary installations or last-minute additions to any Dante ecosystem.  

AVPro Edge products include a 10-year advance-replacement warranty, providing integrators with peace of mind knowing they have installed a product that has been built to last from a trusted manufacturer committed to the pro A/V channel.