This week in Nashville, the 2023 Azione Unlimited Fall Conference a buying group event led by Azione Unlimited President Richard Glikes, Director of New Business Development & Member Services Patrick McCarthy, and other key figures. The group highlighted the organization’s dedication to its members by nurturing leadership, professional development, and collaboration. Azione Unlimited highlighted the remarkable success of leadership meetings, coaching initiatives, and educational programs that have significantly motivated and engaged employees while discussing market dynamics, the importance of specialized lighting and shading businesses, and the resilience of American consumers. This conversation reflects Azione Unlimited’s commitment to fostering industry growth and innovation.

At their Fall event, Azione Unlimited emphasized their strong commitment to new education programs for their members, which includes professional coaching. Azione Unlimited has had a partnership with CEDIA to provide any member of the buying group access to their education programs at no charge. Education is an essential target for Azione Unlimited to deepen educational efforts in the industry further, recognizing the positive impact of involving salespeople in these initiatives. This underscores Azione Unlimited’s dedication to enhancing educational resources and facilitating continuous learning and professional development for its members.