Expanding the pillars of its Accelerator Program, Azione Unlimited, The Smart Home Association, is proud to unveil the Azione Leadership Symposiums. The Azione Leadership Symposiums are a reinvigorated variation on the well-received and influential Key Leader Meetings, with an intense focus on developing practical in-person training, building dynamic conversations, and imparting long-lasting knowledge for the next wave of leaders in the CI community. These Chicago-based meetings are offered at no cost to Azione Unlimited’s 260 custom integration members across the United States and Canada.

“Operations and marketing are the focus of these two events in late July. COOs love to share ideas with those in similar positions,” said Richard Glikes, President of Azione Unlimited. “The meeting features keynote presentations, roundtable discussions, and group open discussions. This creative format structure produces lasting friendships while imparting extensive knowledge throughout the entire event, and they are our most electrifying meetings.”

A fundamental distinction of the Azione Leadership Symposium from the highly-acclaimed biannual national conferences is twofold – the content and the audience. Developed with efficiency in mind, the Azione Leadership Symposium hosts two distinct leadership roles in marketing and operations. The two-day conferences run back-to-back at the Embassy Suites in Rosemont, IL, and invite 60 people to a fast-paced assortment of discussions, roundtables, keynotes, and team building. The meetings will also host Azione Unlimited Platinum Vendors to interact and present thought-provoking topics.

As a complement to the Marketing Made Easy initiative unveiled at the national spring conference in New Orleans, LA, the marketing Azione Leadership Symposium was designed to empower integrator marketing professionals. The schedule is organized to address numerous marketing strategies such as SEO, direct, social media, branding, software, etc. Azione Unlimited will also host President of 23K Studios Tom King as he showcases thirty years of marketing excellence and prowess in the primary keynote. 

The operations-focused Azione Leadership Symposium will directly follow the marketing conference and focus on finding operational bottlenecks and understanding how to overcome everyday issues. The operations symposium will feature two keynote presentations from Jason Sayen, Director of Sales & Business Development at LK & Associates. He also acts as a business coach for the newly launched Connected Clusters Cubed – small group business coaching for Azione Unlimited members. The current schedule aims to implement emerging verticals, improve system workflow, generate proper organization documents, analyze labor vs. product, and more. 

“There are so many nuances and nuggets generated from the operations symposium that we guarantee everyone walks away with twenty fresh ideas. Even implementing five ideas can fundamentally improve their business,” said Glikes. “Equally, our marketing symposium portends to be an idea fest. The schedule includes opportunities for real-time feedback and practical idea-sharing. The final activity will be to construct a digital marketing campaign which each team will grade the other.”

The Azione Leadership Symposiums will conclude with an enchanting evening at the Parkway Bank Park Entertainment District, treating guests to cocktails, food, and peer networking.