The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has honored Beko Home Appliances, a subsidiary of global consumer durable company Arçelik, with the 2021 ENERGY STAR Emerging Technology Award for its induction ranges. With this award, every product category for Beko has now been recognized by the EPA as ENERGY STAR approved and are contributing to reduced emissions and helping create a healthier environment.

The award-winning, lab-accredited Beko induction ranges have demonstrated that they only include induction heating technology and have been tested to have an integrated annual energy consumption of less than or equal to 125 kWh/year. The 30-in. Stainless Steel Pro-Style Induction Range – part of the PRIR34450SS model family – is available in the U.S. has met rigorous performance criteria to reduce energy use and lower greenhouse gas emissions as determined by the EPA.

Induction cooking zones allow these models to be the source of the heat themselves, warming internally and transferring energy with approximately 85 percent efficiency. This also adds an energy efficiency benefit by reducing the workload for the HVAC equipment. The surface remains cool to the touch making cooking safer and desired temperatures reached quicker, providing faster cooking times for families.

“We are honored to receive the Emerging Technology Award from the EPA, solidifying Beko’s commitment to creating high-quality products that benefit the health of the consumer and planet,” said Salih “Sazi” Bugay, director of marketing and product management. “Induction ranges serve as an efficient and safe pillar in American kitchens, where cooking without a flame remains in style and holds a solid place in the future of cooking.”

Aligned with Beko’s mission to personal and planetary health, these ENERGY STAR standouts offer various advanced technologies that feature high-tech surface cooking, pan detection, residual heat sensors, programmable cooking options, large paella zones, and auto bridging burners. Users can also use their induction ranges to extend the counter for additional food preparation or utilize it as a serving area.

Recipient of five consecutive ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year awards, Beko’s culture is committed to exceeding ENERGY STAR, EPA and Department of Energy requirements and setting new standards for carbon-neutral manufacturing, training, energy communications and sustainability at its 22 global production facilities.