Beko is the NKBA’s 2023 DesignBites “Brand with the Biggest Bite” winner for its HarvestFresh refrigerator technology.  This “speed dating for brands” initiative showcases the latest innovations and coolest designs for the kitchen and bath marketplace. Ten brands, including one “wild card” brand from NKBA’s pre-show product preview series, vie for the title of Brand with the Biggest Bite, and real-time audience voting determining the People’s Pick. 

In what started as EverFresh+ with Active Blue Light, a series of proprietary crisper drawers in all Beko refrigerators that keep vegetables fresh for 30 days, Beko has evolved to extend the life of vegetable vitamin content as well. The resulting HarvestFresh originated in Europe as a three-color light technology that simulates the 24-hour natural sun cycle – Blue Light at sunrise to initiate the photosynthesis process, Green Light at midday to capture the strongest sunlight, and Red Light at sunset to prepare for the night – to preserve vitamins A and C in fresh vegetables longer.

Beko Vice President of Marketing Justin Reinke said, “We’re challenging the way the market looks at food preservation, and continually upping the bar. Last year, it was preserving fresh vegetables for 30 days to create the opportunity for a healthier diet and a smaller carbon footprint thanks to reduced food waste and less trips to the supermarket. Now with HarvestFresh, we’re putting the sun’s natural light cycle into your crisper drawers to extend the vegetables’ vitamin and nutritional life. It’s a game-changer for anyone wanting a healthier, more sustainable life.”

Beko’s new food preservation technologies include the following:

  • Beko HarvestFresh™ Beko adds a first-ever, three-color light technology simulating the three primary sun patterns of the day to its existing EverFresh+® crisper drawers to preserve essential vitamins in fresh vegetables longer.
  • Beko AeroFlow™ (Selected Models):  A cooling system that minimizes internal temperature fluctuations, especially temperature differences between shelves, through gentle air distribution for lasting freshness. This advanced feature surrounds produce and other fresh food with evenly distributed cold air to keep it fresh and vivid for longer.
  • Beko FreshGuard (Selected Models): An odor removal technology that utilizes a fan to push air through ultraviolet lighting and ceramic filters to clean the air and ensure hygienic airflow and odor removal in the fridge.

New models available this year include:

28” Counter Depth Models:

  • Beko BFBF2815SS – Bottom Mount Swing Door Freezer
  • Beko BFBF2815SSIM – Bottom Mount Swing Door Freezer

28” Built-In Bottom Mount Models:

  • Beko BBBF2813IM

30” Counter Depth Models:

  • Beko BFFD30216SSIM – French Door
  • Beko BFBD30216SS – Bottom Mount Drawer
  • Beko BFBD30216SSL – Bottom Mount Drawer
  • Beko BFBD30216SSIML – Bottom Mount Drawer
  • BFBD30216SSIM – Bottom Mount Drawer
  • Beko BFBF30216SS – Bottom Mount Swing Drawer
  • Beko BFBF30116SS – Bottom Mount Swing Drawer
  • Beko BFBF30116SSIM – Bottom Mount Swing Drawer
  • Beko BFBF30116WHIM (White) – Bottom Mount Swing Door
  • Beko BFBF30216SSIM – Bottom Mount Swing Door
  • Beko BFBF30216SSL – Bottom Mount Swing Door
  • Beko BFBF30216SSIML – Bottom Mount Swing Door

36” French Door Models:

  • Beko BFFD3616ZSS – French Four Door
  • Beko BFFD3626ZSS – French Four Door
  • Beko BFFD3614ZSS – French Three Door
  • Beko BFFD3624ZSS

36” Side-by-Side:

  • Beko BFSB3622XSS