Say goodbye to guesswork when it comes to network design and installation because Blackwire has announced its Network Design Assistance and Predictive WiFi Heatmap. A leading distributor in the custom installation and pro AV markets, Blackwire has created a service that is cost-effective and simplifies the entire home integration process from start to finish. 

Image credit: Blackwire

How the New Blackwire Technology Works

The Network Design Assistance and Predictive Heatmap service provides dealers with enterprise-grade installments without sacrificing time and effort on the design. All the integrator has to do is submit blueprints and specifications on the installment and the service handles the rest.  

Using the information provided, Blackwire meticulously designs the project to emphasize the best network quality and coverage. The service recommends the best routers, switches, models, and number of access point locations for both commercial and residential spaces. 

Blackwire’s Commitment

Blackwire is building on its promise established in its Better Than Direct campaign to not only streamline the network design and installation processes but give them confidence in their field. 

“Blackwire’s Network Design Assistance and Predictive WiFi Heatmap services take the guesswork out of providing great network coverage to residential and commercial spaces. As a result, dealers no longer need to repeat the project multiple times before they get it right,” said Kevin Luther, owner of Blackwire Designs.