Bond Home, known for its award-winning Bond Bridge RF-to-WiFi solutions that bring app, voice and automated control to window shades, ceiling fans and fireplaces, has launched two ingenious keypads for home tech professionals: Sidekick for Shades and Sidekick Scene.

Sidekick for Shades ($79 MSRP) is the ONLY universal remote capable of operating window shades and awnings that utilize Rollease, Somfy, Dooya, Nice and AMP motors. Sidekick’s 5-channel buttons can be programmed for individual or batch control. And no bridge or cabling is required – battery-powered, the keypad mounts flush on the wall or electrical control box. A matching white decora faceplate is included.

If integrated with the Bond Bridge Pro RF-to-WiFi device control hub ($379), the keypad gains increased functionality. This includes expanded range (3,500 sq feet) plus now the Bond Home App and automation system can depict the shade’s status (i.e., open or closed) – an important fail-safe feature.

Sidekick Scene Keypad

Sidekick Scene Keypad ($79 MSRP): Hailed as “THE problem solver for integrators” by Alan Chow of Chowmain Software, one of the world’s leading software developers for home automation system apps, drivers, modules and plug-ins, Sidekick Scene Keypad is an 8-button fully programmable keypad. Working in concert with the Bond Bridge Pro and Control4 and Elan automation systems (soon RTI and URC), the keypad triggers shades, entertainment, HVAC, lighting, and more. 

With a 10-year battery life, instantaneous feedback and insanely long range, the Sidekick Scene Keypad allows integrators to program against push, hold, tap and double-tap events in the control system of choice. It is easily mountable to any surface via two screws and with no cables required!” exclaims Chow.

Following the launch of Bond Bridge (2018) and Bond Bridge Pro (2021), the Sidekicks are the latest from Bond Home and further extend the capabilities of the Bond Bridge Pro. Completely wireless, the keypads are powered by a replaceable coin-cell battery. Both keypads are shipping now. Custom button engraving is also available. For more info visit