Carbon8, the first countertop water carbonator that creates, self- sanitizes, and dispenses sparkling water, will debut at The International Housewares Association’s The Inspired Home Show 2022 in Chicago from March 5th – 7th, 2022 in Booth L11918. It is the most convenient, efficient, safe, and sustainable at-home countertop sparkling water system on the market and fulfills the need for carbonated beverages while offering consumers a more eco-friendly and simplified process. 

“We are thrilled to launch this innovative product at The Inspired Home Show 2022,” said Andreas Hansen, CEO and Founder of Carbon8. “TIHS is North America’s premier show for home and housewares, connecting product to lifestyle and the industry to the consumer mindset. Our patented, new technology has never been used before in an at-home carbonator, and TIHS is the ideal place for Carbon8 to debut and showcase our innovation. We’ve taken a great idea and made it that much better.” 

Conceptualized and created out of a love for both sparkling water and the environment, Carbon8 marries both, proving that at-home water carbonation does not require dangerous PET bottles or need to be complicated. With its innovative touchscreen one-click operation, even children can make their own sparkling water. Instead of the 4-step process that many popular carbonators on the market require, Carbon8 functions with one simple touch of the top control button, allowing consumers to easily click and sip. 

The maker-dispenser’s groundbreaking technology eliminates the need for PET bottles that are not only harmful to the environment but can also be dangerous to users, as they can explode under pressure. Unlike other sparkling-water makers on the market, Carbon8 does not use in-bottle carbonation but rather dispenses sparkling water directly into the glass, eliminating PET bottles and their waste altogether. 

Carbon8 comes in a variety of colors and is made of highly durable materials. Its aquatic design with ambient light on the spout was created to look elegant in the kitchen, living room, wet bar, or anywhere else the consumer sees fit. It can sit atop countertops and tables and functions with a simple plug into any power outlet. 

How Carbon8 differentiates itself: 

  • Patented Carbon8Reactor: The one-of-a-kind, patented turbine technology mixes water and
    CO2 instantly, creating a continuous and immediate stream of sparkling water to be served.
  • Click-and-Sip Technology: Simply touch the top touch control button, and sparkling water is
    beautifully dispensed into any glass. This one-click operation is specific to Carbon8; conventional
    carbonators require four steps.
  • Maker and Dispenser in One: It is the first countertop carbonator that both makes and
    dispenses sparkling water directly into a glass, instantly ready for consumption. It does not use
    in-bottle carbonation like other sparkling water makers on the market.
  • Self-sanitizing: Carbon8’s water tank is equipped with a sanitizing UV light that automatically
    eradicates bacteria, viruses, microcontaminants and algae, keeping your maker-dispenser
    hygienic and safe.
  • Bubbles Without Bottles: Carbon8 is committed to using no-waste technology and therefore
    has developed a maker-dispenser that does not use PET bottles (which are ultimately harmful to
    the planet).
  • Reusable Reservoir: The removable two-liter water tank can be stored in the refrigerator or
    refilled with cold water or even ice.
  • Convenient Lighting: The maker-dispenser features an ambient light at its spout to allow for
    easy access during the darker hours of the evening without having to turn on the room lights.
  • Self Expression on Tap: With its slim footprint, Carbon8 is a space-saving carbonator solution for
    countertops that is simultaneously visually beautiful and customizable to the consumer’s personal aesthetic. Distribution to select retail partners is available starting in June 2022.

    For more information on Carbon8, please visit or stop by Booth L11918 at The Inspired Home Show 2022.