Wall-Smart offers aesthetically pleasing mount designs for everything from touchscreens and switches, like this one from Savant.

Wall-Smart Releases Design-Conscious Mounting Solutions

A happy marriage between technology and design isn’t always the easiest to pull off. Pleasing the client, the interior designer, and the builder can sometimes feel as difficult as walking a tightrope. There are solutions available that have made this process run more smoothly for all parties involved. Wall-Smart, designer and manufacturer of mounting hardware that conceals technology products within…

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Fort Architecture Leon

Designer Spotlight: Meghan Bannon and Tara Marshall

Not every designer embraces technology, but the founders of FORT Architecture, an up-and-coming architecture and interior design firm in Calgary, Alberta in Canada, understand the importance of teaming up with AV professionals to develop creative solutions that blend design and tech. Here they share their thoughts with us on cross-industry collaboration, how they approach designing with technology in mind, and just how…

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Helping Members Navigate a Pandemic, HTSA Creates New Support Programs & Resource Initiatives

Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA) is an industry international trade consortium of residential technology retail and custom integration specialists. Like many businesses in the United States, the organization found itself deeply challenged when the global pandemic disrupted business in early 2020. HTSA’s Board of Directors and Leadership developed a strategic plan of action to help the entire HTSA family…

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Crestron Home Seamlessly Integrates with Lutron Lighting, Shading Control

Crestron Electronics has announced an addition to its Crestron Home software. Through an alliance with Lutron Electronics, Crestron Home will integrate seamlessly with Lutron lighting and shading control, specifically, RA2 Select, RadioRA 2, and HomeWorks with QS and QSX control systems.   “Our top priority is to help our dealers deliver the best user experience in the industry to their clients, regardless of…

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Human Centric Lighting – The Next Big Thing in Home Design

Of all the amenities in a home, lighting can have the most impact on design, ambiance and even your sense of well-being. Set at the appropriate brightness and color temperature, lighting can accentuate the architectural features of your home while affecting your mood and well-being. Smart lighting has the ability to touch every part of our lives in some very…

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PCL, Eddy Solutions Team On Water Leak Protection Tech

Water damage is one of the biggest risks to construction sites and property, nearing 60 percent of all real estate claims. With combined expertise in IoT producing data-driven insights, PCL and Eddy Solutions will use game-changing technology to protect smart home projects and commercial sites from the increasing threat of water damage. PCL is continually looking for ways to leverage…

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