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Smart Refrigerator

A Smart Refrigerator That Will Customize Your Kitchen

Purchasing new kitchen appliances can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to refrigerators. The fridge is the central piece in the kitchen, allowing all other appliances to perform at their maximum capabilities. When the time comes to start shopping for smart appliances, check out the Samsung Bespoke refrigerator range. Bespoke carries a unique customizable french door refrigerator that has a wide range of features. Design…

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Tech-Connected Kitchen Appliances that Satisfy the Eye

Samsung has established its foothold in the “smart kitchen” arena with its Family Hub smart refrigerator line. With these refrigerators, food management is streamlined, and their interior cameras, accessible via a smartphone, allow owners to look inside and also allow them to create shopping lists and to order groceries directly from the screen via services such as Grubhub and Nomiku.…

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In Need of A New Cooktop?

Over the past several years there have been debates on whether to ban natural gas appliances in homes. Currently there are more than 50 cities that have completely banned natural gas appliances in new construction homes and many more discouraging it. On the other hand, more than 20 states have nixed these prohibitions and are continuing to allow gas appliances,…

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Fresco Smart Kitchen

Fresco Raises Millions to Enhance Their Smart Kitchen Platform

Instant Brands, Vorwerk, and others invest in Fresco to establish the company as the neutral smart kitchen platform for the digital future Fresco, the leading smart kitchen platform, today announced that it has closed $20 million in financing led by three international appliance brands; Instant Brands, Vorwerk, and a third that will be announced later as part of a new…

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