Azione Fall Conference 2021

Azione Keeps Energy High and the Virus Low at Annual Fall Conference

Azione Unlimited’s annual fall conference⁠— this year named Nikhedonia in Nashville⁠— was ready to welcome integrators and vendors for three days of learning and networking last week. Commitment to health and Covid precautions were high on the list with daily temperature checks in addition to requiring vaccinations to be mask-less in meetings.   “Put your cell phones in your pocket!” said Azione President, Richard Gilkes. “Be present!”  A key theme during the conference was making connections, learning and enjoying being together…

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Getting an Edge in Sales

Led by renowned speaker and business expert Marcus Sheridan, the 2021 ProSource keynote had everyone learning how to transform their business with simple but practical steps. According to Sheridan, today’s consumer is more educated than ever before and is 80 percent through the buyer’s journey before arriving at a website. To make them stay and decide to give you money,…

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