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Snap One Releases New Control OS 3.3.3 Software to Enhance the Automation Experience

New software options for Control4 help Partners sell more systems and maintain cutting-edge end-user experiences. Snap One today announced the release of the latest Control4 OS 3.3.3 software, providing enhanced performance and capabilities while reinforcing the brand’s dedication to delivering cutting-edge user experiences. According to Snap One Principal Product Manager Darin Theurer, the updated software empowers Control4 Partners and users with…

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Sonoff NSPanel Pro

Designed in partnership between reliable hardware manufacturer Sonoff and IoT solutions experts eWeLink, the NSPanel Pro is an Android based home hub and Zigbee gateway enabling users to control and add any Zigbee 3.0 compatible devices or brands and control them all in one place. The NSPanel Pro lets you customize your home connectivity so you can see, hear and control…

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