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Assembling a Community of Makers and Builders with GE CoCreate Stamford GE CoCreate Stamford held the grand opening of its 67,000-square foot state-of-the-art micro-factory, showroom, and collaborative community maker space this past October. Since then, the space has run on an appointment-only basis, but it will soon be a place for creating, connecting and inspiring the public. “An elevator pitch I use to describe [CoCreate]…

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Perfecting the Travelled Look

Joan Ravasy of Joan Ravasy Design LLC Joan Ravasy is the president of Joan Ravasy Design LLC, a boutique firm based out of New York City specializing in creating luxurious yet affordable spaces for both residential and commercial clients. Prior to creating her own firm, Joan was Director of Interior Design for Bloomingdales.  Connected Design sat down with Joan to…

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