In addition to offering free online courses for members and hosting a series of webinars amid COVID-19, CEDIA is also providing an opportunity for technicians and supervisors to earn CEU credits for completing the CEDIA Technician Job Analysis Survey by April 15. In turn, the survey will help CEDIA collect critical information for:

  • Updating technician certifications
  • Creating relevant education
  • Accurately representing the industry to government bodies and individuals looking for a career pathway.

The survey is organized into two parts: entry level technician and lead technician. Participants will be asked to complete task statements, knowledge and skill statements, and fill in text boxes for missing content or feedback. A rating scale from 0-3 will be provided to gauge the frequency and importance of certain tasks. Both surveys are estimated to take less than an hour each.

“I really think getting the ANSI accreditation and these certifications rolled out can help propel our industry forward with a solid foundation,” said Amanda Wildman, CEDIA member and owner of TruMedia, LLC.

Current CEDIA Certification holders will earn one CEU credit for each survey with the option to complete both to earn two credits. US and UK participants will have the opportunity to be entered into a drawing for one of four $250 Visa Gift Cards for their time.