Raise your hand if you have an older family member who emails you multiple times a week asking for help with rudimentary smartphone functions – sending a photo, copying text, or creating a new contact. Right, now try imagining that older person figuring out how to control their smart home devices via a mobile phone.  

Now, imagine that same older person waking up and clicking a car-key-like button once to turn on the lights and twice to raise the bedroom blinds. Yeah, much more feasible. 

This is the exact functionality provided by the Shelly BLU Button1 making it an interesting smart home solution that has the potential to be a major hit with an older consumer demographic that may find it uncomfortable or challenging to control their smart home devices via mobile app or voice control. 

The Shelly BLU Button 1, which looks like a set of car keys, is a clicker that gives users the ability to control their Shelly smart home devices or ecosystem using a series of click pathways. Users can quickly set up a unique push sequence to perform smart home functions such as raising shades, turning on lights, or activating a security system. 

Key Features:

Image: Shelly
  • MSRP: $16.50
  • Range of 30 feet indoors and 60 feet outdoors
  • Integrated “Find Me” function to help locate misplaced buttons
  • Available in four different colors
  • The Shelly BLU Button1 uses the BLE protocol, providing rapid response times for pre-set commands via the Shelly Cloud, and access to endless actions through scripting functionality 
  • Equipped with encrypted Bluetooth technology and supports BT home standard

Check out the product page to learn more