Smart lock dealers are likely aware of the benefits that smart locks can bring to owners of rental vacation homes during the summertime –chief among them being the hands-free, key-free handoff from owners to renters. 

With a connected smart lock in place, and remote locking and unlocking controlled through a smart phone or tablet, property owners no longer have to take the time to come to the property to physically deliver a key. They can open the door remotely, from anywhere, as well as give their renters a personal user code to enter the home. 

But what about during the colder months when the property is rarely if ever being rented? “The offseason is a great time for dealers and distributors to sell smart locks to owners of second homes,” said Erik Glassen, Senior Manager, Brand Marketing at Kwikset. “Less scheduled traffic at the property means there’s a greater need to maintain security. 

“Smart locks let the homeowners lock up their property remotely, after every time it is used, and before the home is closed up for the winter,” he noted. “Smart locks also provide an information trail to homeowners, directly to their phone or computer. This information lets the user know that their property is always locked up, safe and sound.”

Here are some of the other reasons why smart locks can be attractive to owners of second homes:

·         Management companies, often used by homeowners to find renters, hire and work with service people, and check up on the property in the offseason, can be given their own user code or access to the smart lock app.

·         The offseason is often a time when these homeowners make upgrades to their property. With smart locks, service people like painters, plumbers, carpenters, and electricians can be given their own time-sensitive user codes. The owner never needs to be at home to let the contractor inside. And owners can check to see when these contractors left, and make sure the doors are all locked.

·         Keeping the property clean is extremely important – and the there’s no better time to give the property a thorough cleaning than when it’s not being used. Giving cleaning companies their own time-sensitive user code is an easy and secure way to ensure that the property stays pristine and is up to renters’ standards when it re-opens for business. 

·         Many homeowners will want to take advantage of the quieter season to make the property more attractive – and one way to boast a competitive advantage is to make a smart lock a central part of a complete home automation system. The smart lock can even bring control of the home’s automation system directly to the front door. So renters not only have the convenience and security of a smart lock but can potentially control the home’s entire smart-device ecosystem – including lighting, heating, cooling, A/V, smart doorbells, cameras, and more – through the lock and home automation hub.

Kwikset’s Glassen concluded, “If security dealers do their homework about the benefits of smart locks to customers with second homes, they can potentially make smart locks a centerpiece of their home automation business all year. And they can turn a quiet winter into a busy season of connected security sales.”