Berlin-based manufacturer Bird Home Automation has announced the worldwide release of its DoorBird D1101V, its latest IP video intercom. The D1101V, with one call button, combines compact design with DoorBird’s IP technology and comes in both surface-mounted and flush-mounted versions. The smart intercom sends push notifications when the call button is pressed and allows the homeowner to talk to visitors and see them live via smartphone, tablet or indoor station due to an integrated 1080p camera and Wi-Fi or network cable connectivity.

“The DoorBird D1101V is compact, Wi-Fi-enabled and ideal for single-family homes,” noted Sascha Keller, CEO of Bird Home Automation, in the announcement statement. “This IP video door station combines new components such as the 1080p camera and the Bluetooth module for access control as well as excellent audio quality from the integrated speaker in a small housing with a stainless-steel front panel.”

The D1101V’s Wi-Fi or network connection allows access to all functions of the smart door intercom from home and remotely. Settings and user permissions can be configured in the free DoorBird app via smartphone, tablet or IP indoor station. The integrated Bluetooth module allows residents keyless entry.

For the first time in the DoorBird product family, says the company, the D1101V has an integrated camera with a full HD 1080p resolution, using a built-in Sony image sensor for optimal video quality during the day and at night. Additionally, the camera angle has been optimized compared to previous models through a better lens. Visitor images are stored with date and time stamp in the free cloud history.

Another feature is a configurable motion sensor with 4D technology for detection of movements within a six-meter radius. In addition, the sensor detects if someone is approaching the door, leaving the house or both. Users can decide which direction of motion sends a push notification or triggers a relay.

Existing smart home systems can be combined with DoorBird. Due to the Open API interface, the D1101V can be integrated into building and home automation systems such as KNX, Loxone and Control4, as well as video surveillance and access control systems.

The D1101V faceplate is made of stainless steel and the weatherproof housing complies with the industry standard IP65. Due to its slim, compact design, the intercom can also be mounted on door frames. With the help of additional adaptors, mounting is also possible at vertical and horizontal angles.