Connected Living and Temi announce a global partnership in response to the COVID-19 new world, in which the most at risk population – our seniors – need enhanced ways to interact with family, community and medical professionals all from a distance. Connected Living is now the U.S. partner and distributor of Temi powered by Connected Living, an interactive robot that’s been introduced to senior living and healthcare facilities.

The partnership with Temi is the latest addition to Connected Living’s comprehensive COVID-19 emergency toolkit, which enables senior living communities to manage outreach across all of its constituents, including those who work and live inside and outside the property. The suite of technology services geared at creating connected communities for seniors, includes a roster of pre-configured iPads, tablets, Alexa-enabled skills, a unique TV channel with programming designed for seniors, and a unique smartphone app that helps them stay more connected with their families and one another.

“We want to protect and connect our senior population, their caregivers, staff and families. Temi allows us to safely check temperatures at the door, set up family and doctor social or health visits, and interact with unlimited engagement content,” said Sarah Hoit, CEO and Co-Founder of Connected Living, which serves hundreds of senior living communities nationwide. “We need to do everything we can to bring health and wellbeing to our clients and to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in senior communities, while creating significant opportunity for socialization and healthcare visits.”

As the need to connect and protect our seniors is heightened during this COVID-19 global crisis, Temi can be used, in conjunction with Connected Living’s full suite of technology, to schedule both family visits and telehealth calls for anyone in the building and record temperature of people entering the building or of current residents. This reasonably-priced robot, now being offered by Connected Living as the official U.S. distributor to the senior and healthcare market, can also be used as a “companion device” in the room to connect anytime with family, see interactive videos and content and help senior living community managers with “temperature capture.” Temi can also be used to ask for the food service menu or as a communication device to share safe, social distancing activities that might be occurring in the building.

One of the most innovative senior living communities in the country, and client of Connected Living, is Connecticut-based, Maplewood Senior Living, who introduced Temi to the marketplace by purchasing 30 robots for their new high-end Inspīr Modern Living community center in Manhattan, along with one additional Temi for use in all their other properties, allowing for immediate interaction with anyone a resident wants to connect with virtually. Temi has been lifting spirits and connecting residents with family members and doctors.

“We are committed to continuously innovating the way we do things, and bringing the best of what the market has to offer to our residents,” says Eleonora Tornatore-Mikesh, Chief Experience & Memory Care Officer of Maplewood Senior Living. “While this has always been our commitment, being able to deliver social and emotional visits with family, and/or connect with a doctor in the resident’s room is critical at this time.”

Through vibrant digital screen “faces,” Temi interacts with humans via autonomous navigation, dynamic video, enhanced audio and advanced artificial intelligence. Within senior living communities, the gender-neutral Temis function as companion devices with virtually endless possibilities for education, healthcare and entertainment through a proprietary Connected Living Alexa skill.

The entire concept for Temi came from a visit to my grandmother, when I realized she was struggling to handle her smartphone,” said Yossi Wolf, Temi Co-Founder and Chairman. “Partnering with Connected Living to bring the convenience of personal robots to thousands of other elders is truly the fulfillment of a dream, and knowing that we’re easing the burden on this population is incredibly rewarding. Connected Living is a big part of making this dream come true.”

That comfort level is essential because Temis are playing a vital role in delivering healthcare to seniors on lockdown. The robots have proven useful in connecting residents with family, but also with doctors for remote consultations on non- emergent care.