Control4 is expanding its Wireless Lighting line to incorporate more affordable options for those looking to add more smart lighting to their home. The Essential Lighting model allows customers to build out their home’s smart lighting in less common areas like the laundry room, bathroom, and garage. And with options to mix-and-match with existing Control4 Wireless Lighting and Centralized Lighting, the new line ensures homeowners won’t have to start from scratch.

“Smart lighting enhances the smart home, but even big projects may skip smart lighting in ancillary spaces like closets, basements, attics, and bathrooms due to budget constraints. Most homeowners with Control4 systems who have lighting in one room want to expand the system throughout the entire home once they’ve experienced it,” said Charlie Kindel, chief product and technology officer, SnapAV. “The Essential Lighting line adds to our existing smart lighting solutions to bring a comprehensive line of intelligent lighting with features and price points for every application.”

The Essential Lighting line consists of three in-wall Decora models including a Dimmer, Switch, and Auxiliary Keypad, and two plug-in models all of which are programmable in Composer:

  • In-Wall Dimmer: Compatible with dimmable LEDs and CFLls, incandescent and halogen bulbs

  • In-Wall Switch: compatible with virtually all 110-277V AC lighting load. Provides on/off control of lighting, motors, and pumps

  • Auxiliary Keypad: Solution for 3-,4-, and 5-way control of a load using existing in-wall wiring. Can connect to the Control4 Essential Dimmer or Switch or use up to five Essential Auxiliary Keypads

  • Plug-in Outlet Dimmer: Used to add lamps or non-grounded lighting devices to Control4

  • Plug-in Outlet Switch: Single relay, grounded, dual-outlet switch providing on/off control of lamps, lighting, motors, and pumps

The best part of all the options listed above is that they don’t require professional installation. The dimmers and switches can be wired with a screw terminal that matches the Control4 Wireless Lighting and Centralized Lighting lines. Or, customers can upgrade to Control4’s screw-less faceplates that have a more modern feel.

Each product in the Essential Lighting Line costs $85.