Definitive Technology will be unveiling its latest custom integration product line, the Dymension CI Series, at this year’s CEDIA Expo in Denver, CO from September 6-9 at Booth #3012.  

The series features in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that are available in two performance levels, Dymension CI PRO and Dymension CI MAX, that deliver high-performance sound that is weather-protected in easy-to-integrate designs. The series features a wide range of models at various price points, including models with pivoting subwoofers, stereo input, and Definitive Technology’s signature bipolar array. 

Both the CI PRO and MAX Series feature a two-piece toolless installation system, pivoting aluminum oxide dome tweeters, paintable magnetic grilles, border-free design, and an IP55 rating for indoor/outdoor use. This series of speakers are timbre-matched to the Dymension tower and center channel speakers, as well as the upcoming Mythos on-wall speakers, set to launch in October 2023. 

The Dymension CI Series will be available in 2024.

The Dymension CI PRO Series

The Dymension CI PRO Series. Image courtesy of Definitive Technology.

This performance level features five high-performance, cost-effective, and easy-to-install CI speakers designed to accommodate whole-home or light commercial audio. The list of products offered under the PRO series includes: 

  • DC-65 PRO Round In-Ceiling 6.5” Speaker 
  • DC-80 PRO Round In-Ceiling 8” Speaker 
  • DW-80 PRO In-Wall 8” Speaker 
  • DW-65 PRO In-Wall 6.5” Speaker 
  • DC-65 PRO SI Single Stereo In-Ceiling Speaker 

The core performances for the Dymension CI PRO Series are in architectural, home theater, and light commercial applications. The series’ specifications are as follows: 

  • Timbre-matched with Dymension & Mythos 
  • 1” Pivoting aluminum oxide dome tweeter 
  • 2-piece toolless install 
  • IP55-rated weather-resistant  
  • Mineral-filled woofers 
  • Packaged and sold as singles 

The Dymension CI MAX Series

The Dymension CI MAX Series. Image courtesy of Definitive Technology.

The MAX series features an eight-speaker lineup that showcases Definitive Technology’s flagship innovations, such as mineral-filled BDSS woofers with Linear Response Waveguide, aluminum oxide dome tweeters, and advanced crossover networks. The speakers in this line are ideal for critical listening applications and home theater installations. The list of products offered under the MAX series includes: 

  • LCR-650 MAX In-Wall LCR 6.5” Speaker 
  • LCR-525 MAX In-Wall LCR 5.25” Speaker 
  • DW-65 MAX In-Wall 6.5” Speaker 
  • DW-45 MAX In-Wall 4.5” Speaker 
  • DC-80 MAX Round In-Ceiling 8” Speaker with Pivoting Woofer 
  • DC-65 MAX Round In-Ceiling 6.5” Speaker with Pivoting Woofer 
  • DW-MAX SUR Dual In-Wall Bipolar 5.25” Surround Speaker 
  • DC-80 MAX SUR 8” In-Ceiling Surround Speaker with Pivoting Woofer and Dual Pivoting Tweeters 

The MAX series has all the features of the PRO series, plus: 

  • Pivoting mineral filled BDSS woofers 
  • Linear Response Waveguide 
  • Enlarged motor, crossovers, and voice coil 
  • Crossover cover