Swedish digital audio pioneer, Dirac, and global sound processor leader, StormAudio, have jointly announced the availability of the Dirac Live Active Room Treatment (ART) add-on in all StormAudio processors. This collaboration brings a revolutionary approach to home calibration by digitally processing audio as a unified system, resulting in improved sound quality and the elimination of boomy bass in any room. Dirac Live ART leverages Dirac’s expertise in MIMO mixed-phase impulse response correction technology, enabling spatial optimization and reducing decay times to deliver a clearer and tighter audio experience. The ART add-on is now available on all StormAudio processors through a firmware update, setting a new standard in home theater performance.

“Dirac Live Active Room Treatment represents a true breakthrough in digital room correction by, for the first time, processing audio as a unified system, not individual speakers, to eliminate boomy bass and deliver cleaner, tighter audio in any room,” said Dirac VP of Home & Pro Audio, Fredric Tapper. “After years of R&D and product development, we’re proud to unleash this breakthrough in collaboration with StormAudio, a fellow audio industry pioneer that shares our commitment to pushing the boundaries of sound. With the launch of Active Room Treatment in all StormAudio processors, a new standard has been set in home theater performance.”

StormAudio’s ISP platform, known for its future-proof design, fully supports the powerful Dirac Live ART tool. The module enhances the performance of all speakers in the system and compensates for shortcomings in acoustic properties. For products ordered from January 1, 2023, onwards, the ART add-on is included at no extra cost, while those ordered before that date require a purchased license. This exclusive feature will be limited to StormAudio’s product line until Q4 2023, making their offerings even more appealing in the audio industry.