DoorBird, the renowned manufacturer of IP video door intercom systems, has introduced a groundbreaking addition to its product lineup. The company has successfully integrated a keypad into its compact door stations, expanding the functionality of the D11x series. With this innovative technology, users can enter buildings or properties using a PIN code instead of keys, making it ideal for small residential and commercial spaces. The D1101KV and D1102KV models offer customizable options through their 12 programmable buttons, enabling users to control alarm systems or compatible smart locks. These PoE and WiFi-capable door stations work seamlessly on wireless networks and maintain the exceptional features of the D11x series, such as top-quality video and audio, geofencing, and Bluetooth compatibility.

DoorBird’s latest release, the D1101KV and D1102KV, revolutionizes the way we interact with door intercom systems. By integrating a keypad into the compact design, users gain the convenience of keyless access through PIN codes. Suitable for single-family homes and duplexes, these models offer customizable features via their programmable buttons, along with the exceptional functions of the D11x series. With PoE and WiFi capabilities, installation becomes hassle-free, allowing users to enjoy high-quality video and audio, geofencing, and Bluetooth connectivity.