Numbers don’t lie, attendance at CES 2022 was visibly down this year. Vendors dropped out last minute, there was less press and fewer employees for attending vendors. The show floors felt empty and vast, no lunch or dinner reservations were needed for most restaurants and mingling with fellow attendees after hours wasn’t quite as simple as going down to the hotel bar. HOWEVER, the show must go on! Every attendee and vendor I spoke with was pleased with their meetings, the technology they saw and felt good about attending. Low attendance numbers or not, this year’s show was a success.

Out of all the CES locations, Eureka Park had that traditional CES feel. The hall was smaller and more compact, so it felt as though the hall was fuller. There were people presenting and music blasting around the room adding to the atmosphere. Every booth in Eureka Park is a start-up company, so everyone was excited to be showing their new products and companies. The vibe felt like the main show floor normally feels.

Standout Tech for Smart Homes Water management is an area that is often missed within the smart home mindset. Moen was showing several smart water control products. 

Right out of the gate their new Smart Faucet was quite spectacular. Voice control enabled, along with a phone app, Moen proved that this is a product you never knew you needed. Temperature control, motion sensor on/off, and the ability to ask for a specific amount of water from the faucet. Seeing is believing, and the demo made you want to run out and buy one for yourself. 

Moen also showed their Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff. Being comfortable leaving home for vacation just got less stressful. The leak detection and automatic turn off are lifesavers on their own, but add the smart app and now there is more value add. Moen did their homework, and the app gives you all the tools needed to keep your home protected and safe. 

Bosch came with their A-game to the smart appliance arena! Their entire kitchen showcase was smart and connected via an app with voice control. The refrigerator is monitored for temperature and quality, but also can be viewed via the app. Do I need to get milk? Check your Bosch app and see what is currently in the fridge. The dishwasher and oven work together in tandem with what was cooked and what setting the pots and pans need to be washed on. Bosch also showed an all-in-one smart cooking pot that just about cooks dinner for you. Paired with the multitude of recipes on the app, they’ve created a push-and-play environment in the kitchen. Once you select the recipe, the oven automatically preheats, the dishwasher preps and the smart cooking appliance begins. All that is needed is to add ingredients!

This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the amazing products from CES, and Connected Design will continue to fill you in!