Design & Construction Week has been surprisingly and beautifully busy. Manufacturers have been showing up in full force – with only the occasional drop out – with products that we’ve heard about for some time but have yet to see in person. Connected Design‘s editors have been scouring the show floor the past few days to find the smart home products you need to know about. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Signature Kitchen Suite unveiled “ThinQ Care,” a unique customer support innovation that uses artificial intelligence to help homeowners proactively monitor and maintain their Signature Kitchen Suite appliances. The comprehensive AI service analyzes appliance usage patterns to provide contextual reports on product performance, and it proactively contacts the homeowner should a potential service issue be detected. The intelligent service provides guidance on how to best use Signature Kitchen Suite appliances and even informs homeowners when supplies are running low.

Cooksy is a small, connected device, measuring 3.49 x 1.14in (10 x 2.9 cm) and weighing 11oz (311g). It clips onto the underside of your cooker hood or a similar spot above your hob. It analyses your on-hob cooking via a camera with thermal imaging tech and delivers this information to you via the Cooksy Companion app (iOS and Android). The thermal imaging promises to measure much more accurately than a thermometer or probe by taking the temperature at thousands of spots across your pan many times per second.

Panasonic Whisper Air
This compact ceiling-mount air purifier that keeps indoor air clean and fresh around the clock. We watched how the air purifier uses patented nanoe X charged water particle generation technology to purify contaminated air and breaks down hazardous substances for improved occupant health. It also quietly deodorizes and removes unwanted smells for a fresher, cleaner indoor environment.

Belwith Keeler AR Program
This was a surprising but really cool find. Belwith-Keeler Augmented Reality Technology or BK ART is a cutting edge 3-D visualizer.  It takes the guesswork out by bringing realistic 3D, viewable, auto-scalable, product images to mobile devices and laptops. What’s most amazing about it is a designer or consumer can have a realistic, 3-D picture of the hardware and view it from all angles: above, from the side, etc.

WALL-SMART offers flush mounts for tablets, touch screens, keypads , receptacles, access points, cameras and other devices by the world-leading companies in the Home Automation industry such as Crestron, Snap One, Savant, Lutron, URC, Nortek, Basalte, Apple,, Black Nova, Ruckus and more. It might not be the most explosive product, but it is one that makes your clients’ lives easier and makes installations more seamless and beautiful.

This is just our mid-week report; stay tuned for more post-show coverage!