In a remarkable debut at InfoComm 2023, Ellipsys Commercial Technology Group, the new commercial integration arm of Nationwide Marketing Group, showcased its capabilities and welcomed charter members and vendor partners. This move is part of Nationwide’s ambitious “Drive to 1,000” custom integration division.

Ellipsys aims to address the needs of emerging systems integrators in the commercial industry by offering educational resources, networking opportunities, vendor programs, and business summits. The group is led by industry veteran Chris Whitley, who brings over 25 years of experience in establishing and growing commercial integration buying groups. During InfoComm, Whitley and the Ellipsys team engaged in numerous meetings with potential partners and members, solidifying their presence in the industry.

Ellipsys envisions building an ecosystem that empowers its members to invest in key elements such as their workforce, processes, and partnerships. With the support of Nationwide’s extensive business and financial services programs, Ellipsys aims to become a compelling force in the commercial space.