Enado Ltd, Enable and Do, a provider of software control solutions that complement leading video distribution manufacturers today announced the product line up for Infocomm 2022 in Las Vegas. At booth W975, the company will demonstrate its new Mini-Pro and 19” Pro + modular controllers running the latest version 6 of the Enado software.

“To come to Infocomm in Las Vegas with a full total control solution is incredibly exciting”, said Adam Kent CEO at Enado. “We are looking to cement partnerships with manufacturer, distributors and installers who want to offer a powerful yet simple solution for control to their customers, when we first implemented our QR code integration several years ago many people had no idea of the potential for safe BYOD control for employees and clients that eliminates dedicated apps, updates and excessive configuration”

Enado’s new controllers fall into two areas, the Mini Pro meets the need for easy IP control with its ethernet connection and x2 rs232 ports, new Enlink modules are available to add local or remote rs232/ip or IR/IP options. The mini pro is supplied as a standalone unit or with a rack mount option.

The larger 19” rack mounted Pro+ range can be configured to suit the needs of any project no matter what the scale, incorporating rs232, IR and relay options. Each controller can have combinations that could see up to x18 ir outputs, x8 rs232 modules and x18 relays.

The latest controllers are over seven times faster than previous manufacturers models, they include remote access control and programming ideal for centralised support, also integration with embedded video from many leading AV/IP products and enhanced voice control.

Multi language and multi projects are now supported in V6.0 of the software, a client could have the same control system running on a single controller in multiple languages.

Enado is also a partner with Lutron and has integrated the latest Leap technology into the software to allow full control of and by Lutron’s lighting control systems. 

Partners are also able in v6.0 to create their own bespoke drivers for equipment not covered by the extensive database, removing the need for 3rd party providers, and ensuring greater reliability of installer provided solutions.

Adam said; “Many times I have been asked; “Why did we build Enado as a web browser solution?”. In a sense it was pure logic, I read a quote from Steve Jobs in 2007 where he told developers that they could build software for the iPhone if they wanted, they should just do it in the web browser. “Steve said; You’ve got everything you need if you know how to write apps using the most modern web standards.”

Apple was seduced by the money-making machine that is the app store, it may make a load of money, but it is cumbersome and controlling, here at Enado we think different!”

Enado works seamlessly with any operating system and internet browser on any device. Mac OS, Windows™, Android™ or iOS™, it even runs natively on an Echo Show and Facebook portal.

Companies interested in partnering with Enado can register their details on the company website via https://enado.com/partners.