Focal, the French audio manufacturer that received accolades for its Bathys and Clear MG headphones at this year’s Headphone Shootout, has just announced the release of the new Theva line of loudspeakers. 

Set to be unveiled at the Audio Expo North America (Axpona) on April 14th-16th in Schaumburg IL, the new Theva line is made up of six loudspeakers spanning the spectrum from compact bookshelf speaker, the N°1, to a three-way floor-standing loudspeaker designed to facilitate Dolby Atmos sound, the N°3-D. 

Manufactured at the company’s facility in Saint-Étienne, France, each speaker boasts Focal’s Slatefiber technology, a cone made from recycled non-woven carbon fibers and thermoplastic polymers from discarded aeronautical and automotive parts.

The Theva line is designed to replace Focal’s Chora line-up, which was released back in the Fall of 2019. Updates include relocating the vent to the rear of the speaker to give a sleeker finish and branding the Focal flame under the drivers in each speaker. 

The Theva line will be available starting this month. The pricing list from the company can be seen below. 

Theva N°1 – $499 each / $998 pair

Theva N°2 – $899 each / $1798 pair

Theva N°3 – $1,199 each / $2398 pair

Theva N°3-D – $1,499 each / $2998 pair

Theva Center – $649 each

Theva Surround – $649 each

Stands – $269 pair

Center Stand – $149