FOTILE, a global leader in household appliances, announces today the launch of an all-new suite of 36-in. appliances. Designed to accommodate larger kitchens and cooking spaces, the latest additions include two high-performing range hoods, building out the popular Pixie Air and Slant Vent Series existing portfolios, along with a Tri-Ring Cooktop. 

36-in. Under-Cabinet Pixie Air Range Hood (Model: UQG3602)

Sleek and compact, the 36” Under-Cabinet Pixie Air Range Hood features WhisPower Technology allowing the unit to operate with less noise, as well as two Capture Shields that maximize extraction power and whisks away smoke, steam, and grease. Made with safety and convenience in mind, the Pixie Air range hood also includes an Intelligent Air Management system that will automatically detect noxious organic gases or fumes and vent them out of the home, unparalleled Motion-Gesture Touch-Free Operation which allows users to simply wave in front of the hood to automatically turn the unit on and off, and LED lighting to brighten up the cooktop surface. 

36” Prestige Slant Vent Range Hood (Model: JQG9006 / JQG9006-W)

With versatile mounting options, including under cabinet or wall mount, the 36” Slant Vent Prestige Range Hood provides extended coverage for optimal venting performance. Its unique design that sits in close proximity to the cooking surface, dual DC centrifugal motors, and 90-degree angle automatic open Capture Shield delivers powerful extraction to prevent smoke from spreading throughout the home. The unit also operates exceptionally quiet and best of all, can be used with touch free motion gesture control for easy and safe operation. Along with a modern Onyx Black Tempered Glass, the range hood will be available in White Schott Glass by the end of 2022.

36” Tri-Ring Gas Cooktop (Model: GLS36502)

Ideal for elevating the cooking experience, FOTILE’s Tri-Ring Gas Cooktop provides easy, fast ignition, versatile functions, and precise temperature controls. Well-designed with professional grade hardware, the 5-burner cooktop includes a 21,000 BTU tri-ring output center burner that gives off intense heat and offers plenty of space for use of larger pots or pans of all shapes and sizes. Additional highlights include a flame failure device that cuts off the gas supply within 20 seconds in case the flame goes out, and a dedicated simmer burner. 

“FOTILE is excited to expand our portfolio of high-performing kitchen appliances with the 36” Pixie Air, Slant Vent Prestige, and Tri-Ring Gas Cooktop,” said Stein Shi, Vice President. “The new 36” launches are the perfect balance between design, performance, safety, and convenience for larger surface cooking. Consumers can rest assured having these appliances in their home and feel proud to show it off as a focal point of the kitchen.”