COVID-19 has ravaged the economy. While there are a lot of uncertainties out there, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The question is: How do you position yourself to maximize your rebound?  

Propelo Media is hosting a free educational webinar based on extensive up-to-date research and data from past recessions, great and small.  Yes, this time is different, but history does rhyme.

First, learn what the McKinsey and Harvard Business School models show as the likeliest economic rebound scenarios, and the key ingredients needed for you to meet and exceed expectations.  With the help of technology, adapting is easier than ever.  “Business as usual,” however, will get you left behind.

Next, how to best manage cash flow as you navigate rough waters? As they say, “Cash is King” – it rings true now more than ever.  Learn the “Power of One” principle, where small changes to your business operations can free up more cash flow, more than you think – so it is a worthwhile exercise to at least explore.

Lastly, what industry trends are here to stay under this “New Normal”?  Without fail, external pressures create big changes… and open up new opportunities.  Just think of the food truck revolution, or the low interest rate environments that came out of the 2008 Great Recession.  The way we communicate and socialize will change forever.  How nations trade and move people and goods will never be the same again. Learn how to interact with your customers that adapts to these changes. To sign up for the free Rebounding From COVID-19 webinar, click here

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