Frontline Wildfire Defense, this week introduced Frontline Defense System 2, the next-generation of its patented fire defense solution that combines wildfire tracking software, satellite connectivity, and onsite sprinkler hardware to protect any building from wildfire. In addition, the company announced it has raised $6.4M in seed funding led by Echelon to scale its capacity on the West Coast and fuel future product innovation.

“The realities of fire fighting have changed, and we need better tools to adjust to our new normal of year-round fire season,” said Harry Statter, CEO and founder of Frontline Wildfire Defense. “Just like we consider basic features like indoor smoke detectors, solid roofing, and door locks as necessary, Frontline’s external wildfire defense technology is a non-negotiable to any building’s security.”

Defense System 2 offers the first-of-its-kind fire ember threat detection and tracking, providing Frontline customers with early fire warnings and automatic system activation. Ninety percent of homes lost in wildfires are ignited by windborne embers, which can travel seven miles or more from the location of a wildfire, putting structures even in urban environments at risk.

Key Features of Frontline Defense System 2:

  • Auto-activation software powers on when a blaze is within seven miles- more than 100x faster than other traditional sensor-based systems that only detect fire within 200 to 300 feet
  • Outdoor structural sprinkler system saturates an entire structure and everything within 30 feet, making it too wet to burn
  • Satellite connectivity for when power is no longer available at the structure
  • Class-A Firefighting Foam provides additional protection, and is the same non-toxic, biodegradable foam used by firefighters
  • Precise water application provides optimal protection while balancing water usage and if water pressure drops automatically switches to a secondary water source, such as a pool or tank

The Frontline Wildfire app is also available to anyone with an iOS or Android device. The free app is one of the most downloaded real-time wildfire maps that alerts customized to users’ locations, preparation checklists, and evacuation planning.

“We see a massive opportunity for Frontline’s innovative tools to have a positive impact on home and business owners forced to protect their structures from wildfires,” said Joel Moxley, managing partner of Echelon. “Firefighters are struggling to scale and environments are changing too quickly for many insurance providers to operate, leaving many property owners on their own. Innovation and adaptation are the only ways property owners, insurance providers, and firefighters will be able to operate safely.”

Since launching in 2017, Frontline has protected over $2B in real estate value and is used by summer camps, wineries, commercial buildings, and homes. Frontline Wildfire Defense System 2 is available now for property owners in California and will be available soon in thirteen western states. To learn more about Frontline, visit