Nortek Security & Control brand Gefen, which creates scalable audio/video signal processing solutions for commercial and residential applications, was a key player in the 5×3-panel video wall that graces the lobby of distributor D&H’s new Harrisburg, Pa., headquarters.

When D&H made the relocation move, the company saw an opportunity to demonstrate the products they sell. The resulting wall, characterized by Jason Fregede, Pro AV Solutions Architect for D&H, as “a true showpiece,” uses Gefen 4K AV-over-IP to deliver customizable control of the HD content presented.

Added Fregede: “We only wanted to showcase brands we carry and trust. It’s an attention-grabbing installation that also ensures we have access to any kind of visual content we want through a reliable, easy-to-use system. As an authorized distribution partner of Gefen’s video distribution products, we knew that the Gefen 4K AV-over-IP line would be the perfect solution to show our clients that it’s possible to design beautiful, simple-to-operate video walls for different types of applications.”

The video wall includes 15 NEC (UN4551S) 55-inch ultra-narrow-bezel display panels in a five-panel-wide by three-panel-high configuration. Using four 4K digital signage players, and content managed by the Lenovo LDS platform, D&H can use the displays in a number of different configurations, with the option to create a three-by-three main display with flanking displays to show supplemental content. This was important, as the video wall’s use cases vary from day to day with events and meetings that demand different capabilities. The video wall relies on multiple Gefen 4K UHD transmitters and receivers (EXT-UHD-LANS-TX and EXT-UHD-LANS-RX), plus the Gefen EXT-CU-LAN Matrix Controller, for scalable configuration and control.

“We are working on a number of reseller events where we bring in clients to share our knowledge about new products and trends in the Pro AV sector,” Fregede added, “Outfitting our headquarters with solution-based labs, like the Gefen-powered video wall, puts our expertise front and center to exhibit how we can help clients achieve all their technology goals.”

According to Aaron Hernandez, director of Pro Distribution for Nortek Security & Control, D&H’s long relationship with the brand factored heavily into their decision to use Gefen products in their own headquarters. “Norman Yohay from Yohay & Associates was critical in helping us establish this successful relationship with D&H. Once forged, D&H learned that Gefen was capable of creating a spectacular showcase in a permanent, public installation,” Hernandez said.  “With hundreds of people passing by the video wall every day, and the central role it can play in events and welcoming new partners to the building, it was essential to use an ultra-reliable video distribution solution that can be quickly updated and easily controlled.”

Currently, D&H’s lobby video wall is used to present custom “welcome” or “thank you” slides and videos for guests and vendors, and can also link with the company’s Twitter feed, YouTube channel and other online content sources to display a constant stream of branded content.

Fregede also noted that the Gefen 4K AV over IP solution’s simplicity makes it ideal for integrators and resellers working on their first video wall project or looking to expand into the Pro AV market.