Orro, creators of the professional-grade Orro Smart Living System, has announced the integration of Nest products, which allows homeowners to have seamless control and access to Nest thermostats and doorbells from any Orro Switch throughout the home.

Orro, now a certified partner in Google’s Device Access program, offers a unified smart home system. With Orro, users get automated smart lighting, smart home controls, wellness-focused lighting schedules, home monitoring, and energy-saving features that integrate with home automation systems. Orro offers features and solutions for professional home builders, electricians or installers.

Colin Billings, founder and CEO of Orro, said in a statement: “This new update enables professional installers to easily integrate Nest into a smart home unified by Orro and Orro Switches located throughout a house, delivering on the promise of the truly ‘intelligent’ smart home that today’s homeowners demand.”

Orro’s Smart Living systems and products are designed for use by professional installers, providing a solution that meets the demand for advanced smart home systems at a mainstream price. The easy-to-install system unifies a smart home, automatically implementing lighting, with recallable lighting scenes, room-to-room intercom and more. By unifying smart living experiences around a home’s lighting control system, Orro provides professionals with a single smart home solution, accessible via touch or voice—without having to install and configure additional hardware. 

Google Nest Chime doorbell is now integrated into the Orro Smart Living System.

Features of the Orro Smart Living System include:

  • Designed for professional builders and installers
  • Control via touchscreen or voice
  • Vibrant color display with intuitive smartphone-like swipe-and-touch interaction
  • Integrated motion, sound and light sensors enable advanced automation and security 
  • Works with existing light bulbs
  • Nest Integration
  • Alexa Built-in Integration
  • Energy-saving Eco Mode 
  • Wellness functionality provides optimal light levels throughout the day
  • Control and access thermostats, door locks, doorbells, speakers, etc.
  • Modular and expandable
  • Upgradable to meet evolving standards and provide new functionality
  • All-encompassing unified smart homecontrol
  • Easy setup with the Orro system directly from a mobile phone