While TVs are no longer the elaborate furniture pieces that dominated most midcentury American living rooms, today’s ultra-thin models still occupy valuable real estate: wall space. In most homes, where carefully curated artwork once hung, you’ll now find a flat-screen TV, which has transformed from a handcrafted piece of furniture into a mass-produced commodity that is often lacking in style and at odds with the surrounding décor. 

But with the average American watching upwards of five hours a day, whether we like it or not, the TV ends up being the focal point of any space it’s in. When it’s turned on, we’re happily entertained by the images on the screen, but what about when it’s off? Most homeowners don’t want to see a shiny, black box hanging where their favorite piece of art once was.  

Luckily, there are a number of smart solutions out there for hiding your TV — beyond just banishing it to the basement. Media Décor, a Leon Company, offers a collection of products that are designed to conceal the TV while beautifully blending in with the surrounding space. From handcrafted hardwood frames that encase all edges of the display, to artwork that moves to reveal and conceal the screen behind it, Media Décor offers elegant options that are custom-made to order for a completely seamless look in any room. 

3 Ways to Hide Your TV with Media Décor 


• Edge Media Frame: The Finishing Touch for Any TV – For spaces where it isn’t necessary to conceal the entire display, the Edge Media Frame hides the mounting and wiring, wrapping the edges of the TV in a handcrafted solid hardwood frame that magnetically attaches to a ventilated backboard. Available in a variety of finishes with custom options available, each Edge is built to order with design details chosen to perfectly match the surrounding space. 


Moving Art Screens: Technology that Moves You – At the touch of a button, Media Décor’s Moving Art Screens turn your TV into a work of art. Museum-quality printed artwork silently scrolls up and down, revealing the TV when it’s in use and concealing it when it’s not. Choose from dozens of designer frames and thousands of works of art—or use your own art or photographs to create something completely customized to your home.  


• Eclipse Art Lifts: Elevate Your Décor – For those who have a favorite piece of art already in their collection that they’d like to use, Eclipse Art Lifts silently slide artwork, mirrors, or decorative panels to uncover the TV behind it — all with no visible tracks. There are three models to choose from that meet the needs of any space: Eclipse Vertical for up-down, Eclipse Horizontal for left-right, or Dual Eclipse to split art down the center, moving it to either side of the display. 

Every Media Décor piece is designed and built-to-order by a team of expert craftsmen right here in the U.S. They partner with top names like Lutron and Rosenstiel’s to bring their products to life, providing a streamlined solution for integrating technology into the home.