Home Connect, a digital ecosystem created to connect home appliances to the Internet of Things, has announced an impressive new lineup of devices and services for 2020 that give users more ways to simplify and customize their connected experience in the kitchen, around the home and beyond. New services, such as the Google Assistant and Crestron, highlight Home Connect’s ever-strengthening ecosystem that continues to welcome new additions across its three core areas of focus: Voice Assistants & Smart Home Integration, Connected Devices & Services, and Food & Recipes. 

“Home Connect offers so much more than the ability to turn on or off appliances. Our open platform enables us to continually bring on new partners and brands that enrich and add convenience to users’ daily lives,” said Johannes Ochsner, head of connected products and digital services for Home Connect. “Through voice control, recipe inspiration, help managing household tasks and by being the connected appliance solution integrated with more professional smart home systems than any other on the market, Home Connect truly offers the richest experience available to consumers today.” 

Voice Assistants & Smart Home Integration 

The Home Connect ecosystem works with the Google Assistant for voice control of your connected devices and appliances. Turn on your Home Connect oven, washer, dryer, dishwasher or ventilation hood using only your voice and from anywhere with your Google Assistant. Home Connect appliances can be operated on all Google Assistant-enabled devices, including Android smartphones, Google Nest Hub, Google Home and more. (Google, Google Home and Google Nest Hub are trademarks of Google LLC.*) 

Crestron, a commercial and residential automation company, has added Home Connect smart appliances into its immersive professional smart home experience. In the first quarter of 2020, all Home Connect appliance categories – from cooking to refrigeration to dishwashers – will be live with Crestron. Crestron dealers and integrators are now empowered to bring Home Connect into the home automation for their luxury customers, enabling added convenience and peace of mind in doing something simple such as turning off all appliances with the push of a single button when leaving home. 

Control4, a global provider of automation and networking systems for homes and businesses, has added Home Connect coffee machines into its system. The “experience” buttons enables appliance integration so homeowners can create personalized coffee beverages with ease from their Control4 touch panel from the comfort of their sofa or anywhere in the home. 

URC, a automation and control systems for residential and commercial applications company, seamlessly integrates Home Connect appliances with its Total Control system. End users can enjoy automated morning routines — for example, their coffee, brewed to their satisfaction by Home Connect appliances, can be ready upon their wake-up alarm going off thanks to seamless integration of URC’s smart automation technology with Home Connect. 

ELAN, manufacturer of smart home and control systems, enables integration of Home Connect appliances into the professional smart home. Users can monitor and control all of their Home Connect appliances throughout ELAN’s vast array of hardware devices. The incorporation of ELAN’s smart home and control scenes enable holistic automation with media, climate, security, lighting, intercom, pool/spa, video and Home Connect appliances. 

New Connected Devices & Services Partners 

With the collaboration between Amazon Dash Replenishment Service and Home Connect, customers who have a Home Connect enabled refrigerator no longer need to worry about getting the right water filter for their appliance thanks to Amazon Dash Replenishment. By signing up for smart reorders from Dash Replenishment, customers will automatically receive a replacement filter when the time is right — providing added convenience with one less task to remember and peace of mind that you’re serving clean water and ice for your family. 

S’moresUp is a Smart Family Management platform that teaches kids critical life skills through chores and allowance. Together with Home Connect, S’moresUp makes it easy to create chores directly from the appliances. For example, when the dishwasher cycle finishes, S’moresUp notifies the members of the family that it’s time to put the clean dishes away, and motivates everyone participate in family activities. The app assigns points for completing these communal tasks that can be traded in for rewards set by parents. Chores help kids learn responsibility, self-reliance, life skills and gives families a chance to bond. 

Yonomi is a simple smart home integration platform to manage smart devices and make them all work together. With Yonomi, users can create custom routines with their Home Connect appliance, such as a routine that pre-rinses the coffee machine and turns up the heat on the smart thermostat at the time you prefer to wake each day. Yonomi also enables users to link smart lights with Home Connect appliances to give notifications, like blinking the lights when the washing cycle ends. 

New Food & Recipes Partner 

ckbk is a digital subscription service for cooks, providing subscribers with unlimited access to complete cookbooks from world-class chefs and food writers. Together, Home Connect and ckbk will enable users to access recipes and send cooking settings directly to the Home Connect oven for a smooth culinary experience. Home Connect users will also be able to create and share their favorite recipe “playlists” with the ability to share recipe photos and notes. 

To learn more about Home Connect and its ever-growing ecosystem of partners, visit www.home-connect.com/us/en.