Home Connect, an ecosystem created to connect home appliances to the Internet of Things, has announced the release of an entirely redesigned app – available for download now for Android and iOS devices. The new app offers a user experience that is not only more intuitive, but also brings more convenience and personalization to everyday living in the connected world. 

“The new Home Connect app draws upon user feedback, technological advances, and a focus on simplifying everyday routines,” said Patrick Palacio, head of digital transition, business development and innovation for Home Connect. “This new app, together with our unrivaled open ecosystem that has an ever-growing number of partners and brands, reinforces our leadership position in offering consumers the best connected experience on the market.” 

The new Home Connect app has been completely redesigned to offer more intuitive, simplified navigation. For example: 

  •  The new Home screen offers access at-a-glance to your paired appliances, a mini newsfeed, quick access to your most used/favorite functions, a notification section with a history of what’s been going on with your appliances, and an alert if an action is needed for the appliance. 
  •  The Appliances section features everything related to your appliance in one location. This includes the ability to control the appliance, access to frequently used functions, all the information and functions of your product, ability to change settings to your specific needs/preferences – such as the appliance’s beep tone or water hardness, a customer service section to access remote diagnostics service, appliance information and the use and care manual. 
  •  The Discover section offers content from your appliance brand to help enrich your cooking, entertaining and everyday living experiences. Users will also enjoy a more user-friendly recipe interface, tips and tricks to help you learn more about what your connected appliance can do and which features will bring more convenience to your life, insights on which Home Connect partners work with your appliance to further enhance your experience, and information on how to best maintain and use your appliance. 
  •  The Assist section is the go-to place for users who want support in managing the household’s daily tasks – from cooking to dish washing to laundry. It features a suite of tools to help users with daily tasks and for special occasions, such as What’s for Dinner, which helps you get inspired by offering inventive dinner suggestions that match your preference using artificial intelligence, you can access easy start programs for your appliance, and more. 

In addition to the newly redesigned app that offers a more seamless, intuitive experience, the Home Connect platform offers multiple advantages over other options on the market. 

  •  Multiple brands in one app build the foundation for the most powerful open ecosystem in the industry. 
  •  The strength of the ever-growing partner network allows the consumer to experience their appliance in a more seamless and innovative way. 
  •  The depths of the remote capabilities that enable users to monitor, remote start/stop and interact with the appliance from anywhere inside or outside the home. 
  •  Experiences beyond the appliance with functions and features that provide convenience and peace of mind, including tips on appliance features, a more seamless cooking journey, notifications and guidance for maintenance and care, and the ability to integrate with numerous ecosystem partners – like smart home systems, voice integration and replenishment services. 
  •  The depths of personalization with an individualized welcome upon opening the app as well as easy-to-access features and all the information users need and want at their fingertips. 
  •  Depths of content, including frequently updated lifestyle content, seasonal content and how-to information. 
  •  Experiences that grow over time – as new partner and services join the Home Connect ecosystem, users will enjoy updated and enhanced ways to experience more from their appliances. 

For more information about Home Connect, visit www.home-connect.com/us/en. The new Home Connect app can be downloaded for free on iOS devices from the Apple App Store, and for Android devices from the Google Play Store.