The Home Technology Association (HTA) has announced that Connected Design magazine will be its media partner as they unveil the HTA Best in the U.S. 2020 Awards, an honor focused on recognizing the industry’s top integrators, based solely on the quality of their work.

The Home Technology Association Certification system is the first and only industry standard of excellence for home technology installation companies. Thus, they have created an award that ignores the volume a particular business does, and rather rewards the quality of the work they do.

“What this Best in the US award is designed to do is to be an award for integrators that they can share with prospective clients, architects, designers and builders that shows they truly represent the best this industry has to offer. And what’s so nice about this is that when it comes to qualifying as an HTA certified integrator, how much volume you and business you do is not even a question we ask. That’s irrelevant when it comes to quality,” said HTA CEO, Josh Christian. “There are some prestigious awards that are based on the top grossing integrators – but that leaves out the smaller integrators, that don’t meet that dollar volume that are excluded from that. Our Best in the U.S. is based on quality work.”

The partners shared this news, as well as much more, during a provocative Fireside chat that recently ran on Facebook and was hosted by Michael and Jaime Restrepo, Owners at Restrepo Innovations, as well as MEPOcc. 

Regarding the relationship the award program is forging with Connected Design, Christian added. “It’s a great fit for Connected Design because that magazine has, from the get go, had architects, designers and builders as their target audience. And our mission at HTA is to get these integrators in front of architects, designers and builders to celebrate them – to give them exposure. It gives the architects, designers and builders a resource to use to find these guys.”

Connected Design Publisher, Content Director, Maryellen Oswald said, “This relationship will help us continue to build a community in this space, and continue with our goal of educating the architects, builders and designers by showing them the exemplary work that these integrators do. So we’re really excited and proud to be a part of an awards program that recognizes the best of the best when it comes to integrators.”

There will be three Best of the U.S. 2020 winners awarded: a first place or Black winner, a second place Platinum winner and a third place Gold winner. Additional details on the HTA Best in the U.S. 2020 Awards are forthcoming. 

As HTA explains it, the genesis of this awards program is built into the fabric of HTA’s mission – to make the relationships between integrators, architects, designers and builders as symbiotic as possible. 

Unlike medicine, law, or architecture, there exists no real qualification process to open a business and call oneself a “home technology professional”. This low to no barrier of entry has resulted in countless sub-par technology experiences for consumers. This problem has plagued the home technology industry for decades. Everyone has suffered. Consumers own homes that they cannot operate, manufacturer’s names are sullied, and qualified home technology firms are faced with an untrusting public.

The HTA certification system, as well as their Best of the U.S. 2020 awards program is about quality over quantity and about raising the bar of entry for home technology professionals and removing sub-par technology experiences for consumers. 

About HTA

In an industry that has no barriers to entry, the HTA has created a rigorous set of standards for home technology companies to adhere to. The firms that meet the 60+ points of evaluation criteria are granted certification status. Once HTA Certified, these firms must commit to maintaining the high standards of HTA Certification or risk losing certification.

Once a firm passes the certification, the firm’s information is published on the HTA website to empower consumers and design/build professionals to find the very best companies in their area. HTA Certified firms are assigned one of three tiers based on the typical project they excel with, and these are: Estate, Luxury, and Foundation. An explanation of the HTA Certification requirements and tier definitions may be read by clicking here. These designations help consumers find a great company to partner with based on project budget, home value, service requirements, scale, and complexity.

The HTA mission is to connect homeowners with the most reputable and qualified professionals in the home technology industry.

About Connected Design

Connected Design magazine brings together Home Technology Professionals, Architects, Builders and Interior Designers to highlight the latest in cutting-edge electronics and sophisticated design in the connected home space.